Lancers mix up their style with really extra outfits

APRIL is the time when the weather officially shifts. With winter out the door, spring enters. While the weather shifts, it is not the only thing that is shifting. Fashion for spring begins, which means no more heavy, thick coats. Wearing 50 layers is no more- now comes the lightweight jackets and flowy floral designs. Spring is a cause for celebration, both in life and fashion.

Some don’t like to change their style very much at all. “I still wear sweaters and jackets. I get cold really easily, so I prefer to wear warm clothes most of the time. My favorite piece of clothing is my wool turtleneck sweater. I love turtlenecks and I hope those make a comeback,” Alyssa Valiquez (10) said. Turtlenecks are very warm and groovy when it comes to fashion.

Chanelle Congrove (11) is great with fashion. “I check how the weather is outside and then that’s how I know what to wear. I don’t have a specific style, I just put things together and they become cute outfits. I really don’t like how everyone dresses the same to fit in, especially the guys. My favorite fashion era would be the 2000’s, they have a lot of styles that I like,” Congrove said.

“My favorite clothing brand would be Nike, they have the best clothes and shoes. I really enjoy Nike. My advice to other students would be not to all dress the same just to fit in. It would be nice if everyone had their own kind of fashion instead of everyone trying to fit in with the same fashion,” Congrove said.

Star Wagstaff (12) is a beast when it comes to style. “Fashion is definitely one of my biggest forms of self expression. I like to wear really extra outfits and be out there. I really like things that don’t match. and outfits that don’t match but subtly do kind of match. I think [fashion trends] are all unique and what looks good to some people but doesn’t to other is what makes the appeal,” Wagstaff said.

“I love the 70s era of fashion, and the 90s as well. If I could combine the two into a bunch of different looks that would be ideal. I love his fashion style and the way he dresses and doesn’t care what anyone thinks. It’s his own unique style, and it’s not limited to girls or boys clothes but both, kind of androgynous, you know? I’m about whatever I find that I can put together that looks good,” Wagstaff said.

“Be yourself and be true to yourself, wear whatever you want, and rock your socks off. Don’t be afraid to be super extra, and don’t care what people think,” Wagstaff said. Star is a wonderful Lancer with bold and wicked style.

Destiny Wallace (11) is super cute with an adorable style. “I express myself with fashion by wearing clothes that make me feel the most confident and I feel that reflect my personality or how I want to be view. I really love the whole wearing men’s and women’s clothing because they both have amazing clothes and different styles. As well as it allows your fashion have many more options,” Wallace said. “I’m not a huge fan of the cropped hoodies. I just don’t understand why you would make it super short if you wanted to be warm. My favorite era is definitely the 70’s simply because it was a decade full of experimental fashion. I love the loose fitting clothes and the colors used in clothing, but there was also a more casual side to it that makes it to where you could wear it everyday,” Wallace said. “One of my biggest fashion inspirations is Hitomi Mochizuki because she has such a unique style and you can see how comfortable she is in her clothing. I don’t have one favorite clothing because I thrift most of my clothing but I do love wrangler pants because they’re pants last forever. Some advice I would give is to wear whatever makes you comfortable and what you like. As well as that clothing doesn’t have a gender and you can whatever you want,” Wallace said. Destiny is an ideal Lancer with amazing fashion advice.