Robinson Eboni_ BSU

Eboni Robinson, Reporter

BLACK Student Union, or BSU, is an organization that helps students gain access to a variety of resources that will help them be successful, and it also helps them break down what’s going on in society concerning the black community. BSU provides students with a place to talk about their experiences and find their place in the community. 

BSU is not only an organization, but also a community. BSU is where black students can be their true and authentic selves, without fear of judgment. It’s a place where Granger’s black community can unite and share ideas and problems that they have. 

The BSU president is Joanne Uzoigwe (12), who is a senior here at Granger. Since this is the last year of Uzoigwe’s presidency, she’s trying to make it the best year that the BSU has ever had. “This is my last year at Granger BSU, and my goal is to inspire and help the youth continue this legacy that we’ve built,” Uzoigwe said.

Uzoigwe has worked hard organizing BSU’s events. There are multiple events in the months of February and March. The biggest events being The Classic Fun Center Fundraiser on February 24th, and the Black Excellence and Our Legacy event on March 24th. BSU holds these events to bring the community together and acknowledge community leaders. 

BSU’s advisor is Franchesca Henicke, an art teacher. Like Uzoigwe, Henicke enjoys BSU describing it as, “a community where students can be safe and a place where they can represent their blackness however they like,” Henicke said. She is enthusiastic about students joining BSU. “I know the black community can be scary if you aren’t a certain kind of black, but in BSU, we accept all our brothers and sisters,” Henicke said. 

Granger’s BSU is bigger than it seems to be. BSU is an amazing club; the leaders of BSU are hoping that one day, if BSU gets the club numbers up, it could become a class like POP and LIA. Uzoigwe and Henicke encourage Granger students to join BSU and be a part of this open and amazing community.