Patrick overcomes struggles

PATRICK Faumina (12) Foot- ball is Granger’s starting corner, and he has some pretty impor- tant goals for his life: he wants to graduate high school, go to college, and make a nice family for himself. Family is clearly im- portant to him. “My mom is the biggest inspiration in my life,” he said. His grandma has had the biggest impact on his life and showed him a different perspec- tive on life.

He is most motivated by his family and friends pushing him to be better. “He can be the most talented player on the team if he uses his full potential,” David “Tiger” Mulitalo (12) said.

Coach Mike Morgan showed him the reality of the sport and how the sport can help later in life. Faumina’s big reason for playing football was the fact that he loved the sport for its physical- ity and the durability needed for this sport. He also loves playing with his brothers on the eld.

Outside of football Faumina loves to play basketball, baseball, and chill with his friends. As a senior, this is his last year on the eld. “I am excited to graduate from Granger, but I feel emotion- al to see that my senior season is coming to an end,” he said.

His teammate Viliami Lanier (12) has noticed an improve- ment in Faumina. “I’ve noticed a change in him he goes to class and keeps his grades up,” he said.

Faumina agrees that football makes a difference. “Football has changed my mindset and given me a more positive outlook on life,” he said. He is sad to see that his high school football career is over, but football has taught him much about life and he hopes he can give back and show someone else the impact football can have on one’s life.

The thing Faumina wants to improve on most is his dedica- tion. When he gets into something he wants to be fully dedicated to that cause and do all he can do to make it succeed. His greatest strengths are meeting new people and hitting it off and adapting to any situation. His greatest weak- ness is focusing on something that is not fully interested in which can provide a challenge in a class he does not like.

His rst play on varsity foot- ball Faumina said that he was equally scared as he was nervous, but in the end he really enjoyed it. This will be his fth year playing football. When this season ends, Faumina has plans to work so he can help his parents out, and to move out, and go to college. He also has plans to do rugby once the football season ends.

Besides football Faumina also plays basketball and baseball for Granger and rugby for the West Valley City Warriors. Out of all those sports, Patrick enjoys play- ing basketball the most. The rst sport he ever played was baseball.