Mary Poppins brings levity to Granger High

Kelly Ayala, Reporter

MARY POPPINS is a well- known 1964 Disney film. The film contains many popular musical numbers. The Granger High School theatre department decided to perform Mary Poppins The Musical this school year during November 18-20 and 22. Through an agreement with music theater international, Ms. Timpson and Mr. Fuller came up with this musical to be the musical production at Granger High School.

Mati Turner (9) played Katie and talked about how excited the cast was to show everyone their hard work. Turner also says that she really enjoyed working with and getting closer to the other cast members. Turner says that the cast is really sweet and trustworthy. Turner says she really enjoys her character because she’s different from everyone else. Turner also says that they have the best environment while rehearsing and being there together. “All the magic is fun to put it on,” Turner said.

Turner has been doing theatre since elementary school. She overheard the drama teacher talk- ing about the musical and found it interesting, so she decided to join and try her best to get in the musical. Turner wants people to know that Ms. Timpson and Mr. Fuller worked so hard and did great with the musical and that all the cast are thankful for them.

Jonah Newton (12) played Bert and said that the musical was a lot of fun to perform. Newton loved seeing the cast grow, not only as people but as actors. This is Newton’s first year working with people younger than he is. He says he was proud of the kids and how they improved from the first day to the day of the musical.

Newton claims that he has never gotten stage fright. How- ever, he does get jittery because he’s excited to show all the hard work. He also says that he’s been working with Mr. Fuller and Ms. Timpson for four years, and he’s grateful to be working with them. He says it’s a privilege and honor being in the musical and working with everyone.

Emily Butcher (11) played Winifred Banks and says that she felt confident to perform and, like Newton, says that she didn’t have any stage fright during the performance. She says that during rehearsals there was a lot of good energy, and everyone was very passionate while working for the musical. She also says that

the cast were like a family, they spent so much time together with all the rehearsals that they started getting close like a family.

Butcher says that Ms. Timpson and Mr. Fuller created something special that a person can’t get from others, they also felt like family to all the cast. Butcher also added that they were more than coaches — they were like family. “I’m proud of all the hard work,” Butcher said. The theatre department is now gearing up for another production, and many theatre students and theatre fans are excited to see what show they will put on next.