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LANCERS enjoy the Teenage Fever at prom, a magical experience!


This was my first time going to a school dance. The magical experience began when I had my nail appointment and got my nails done. What began as an article idea started to feel like a real prom.

As my date and I arrived at my house, we began to prepare and get ready for an amazing experience. I did my hair and makeup and began to slip into my beautiful dress. It was a real feeling, and it all began to hit me.

I would experience my first school dance: prom with the person that I love with all my heart — we both would be experiencing something so special together. We were prom-ready, and we hopped in our ride!

As we began to drive, the rain began to POUR on our way to the dance! When we arrived at the dance, the weather had only gotten worse, and the rain began to turn into snow and slush — beautiful snowflakes hit the ground as we sat and waited for our friends to get to the dance.

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When they arrived, we had to RUN inside as I was running from the car to the entrance my feet were slipping out of my sandals and the bottom of my dress was being drenched in water. We arrived inside, tightened up, and went up on the elevator to the second floor where we checked in as the fun began.

The music was loud, and everyone was pumped up and excited. We then headed over to the dance floor and our awesome night then began, and we danced and lived it up with all the nice music. I then got to experience my first ever slow dance to the song “Teenage Fever” by Drake.

It’s a great experience when you have a slow dance with your partner — it draws you closer to them than you already were, and we danced to another slow song later that night. Seeing everyone hyped and jumping up and down in a big group brings a rush of excitement and makes you want to do the same.

We then went over to the PHOTO BOOTH where we had to wait in quite the line. We saw couples and friends create and capture memories in photos that they will keep and cherish to remember their experiences at the dance, when it was our turn, we got to take and choose three different ways to capture the moment before they printed out two strips of photos for me to remember forever my experience at my first school dance.

We ran back to the dance floor after we were done taking photos because a great song came on, and we went and danced some more. Pretty soon, the hunger began to grow upon me. So, after the dance was over, we made plans to go with our friends to get something to eat.

We were all trying to decide on something, and we all finally agreed on the famous Cane’s Chicken for dinner. The dance had ended, and it all felt fast because when you are enjoying something, time just flies. Everyone began to leave, and we stepped outside into a snowstorm — it was magical for so many people.

When we arrived, everyone ordered, and we sat down to enjoy our food! Everyone had a great time and enjoyed their meal.

My experience was amazing, and I really did enjoy it — so did my date.

We had such a great time and created so many great memories. I would say you any Lancer that question or don’t go to dances. As a Lancer who had never gone to a dance, I say, “Go!” Go and take someone special whether that is a partner or even a friend — you will definitely not regret it — I loved it and so will you. It’s something that is special and creates memories that you will hold forever.

You will only have a few chances to go to dances in high school, and if you never go, you will never know what it is like, so take that chance just like I did, and go enjoy a school dance!

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