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Highly Anticipated Fortnite Season Thrills Some


MANY LANCERS are extremely enthusiastic about experiencing the new Fortnite season: BATTLE ROYALE CHAPTER 5 SEASON 2: MYTHS & MORTALS. It won’t be the first time that Lancers experience a brand-new season, as it’s normally a pretty exciting or anticipated event for many. This map is extremely unique in a way and is most definitely the first-time players have seen a theme like this.

“The new Fortnite season is kinda weird, it’s some Greek mythology Kratos-type of thing. It has Zeus and other Greek gods. It’s really whatever — the theme isn’t bad or good to me,” Leo Romero (11) said.

Lots of different things were introduced with Zeus and the brand-new season. “The season came with a new POI called ‘Mount Olympus’ which has Zeus and Hades as bosses that you can fight. Once you defeat him, you are given a lightning powered weapon that you can kill opponents with,” Brandon Candia (10) said.

Many new things are introduced when in a new Fortnite season, and it all starts with a brand-new loot pool. “The map came with a new loot pool, and it’s not as good as it was in other seasons. Personally, the new weapons aren’t the best. I’m not a fan of it, but it doesn’t stop me from enjoying the game,” Landon Carter (10) said.

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Every time the public is introduced to a new season, there is always a new standard set for the season due to how great the previous seasons have been. Many like to look back and compare a new one to the original maps that were introduced in 2018-2019. “The new map could never compare to the OG map. The OG map was just perfect in every way possible. The new map now is just too big, which leads to longer games due to spending all that time searching for opponents,” Candia said.

With new seasons, Epic Games normally introduces a new graphics system they developed. This time, Romero isn’t impressed. “Nah, the graphics are still bad in my opinion. I don’t even understand what they be working on anymore,” he said.

With new seasons and new maps come new places to land.

“There are plenty of different places to choose, it really just depends on what you want. Loot? Materials? Just a fun spot to land? ‘Mount Olympus’ is my favorite place to land. I like the Zeus thing, and think his weapon is good,” Carter said. “The best POI to get all three different materials is probably ‘The Underworld.’ It’s my main drop because I like to play competitively,” Candia said.

“I like ‘The Underworld’ because it’s just a fun location. It’s good for loot and it has a cool water part that you can have cool movements in that allows you to dash at super-fast speeds,” KJ Faamoe (11) said.

This new season is enjoyable and fun for to play. “I think this new season is pretty fun, I just need to get used to the map and new loot pools, but then I will be good,” Candia said.

Candia is optimistic, but Carter isn’t convinced. “No, I don’t enjoy it. I only like playing the creative game mode. I personally think the movement system is horrible, and I do not enjoy playing the game anymore,” Carter said.

Players won’t know how they truly feel without jumping onto that battle bus themselves!

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