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Chicken for the Win

CHICKEN, chicken, chicken. No, not you. Nuggets, wings, and tenders! Chicken, without a doubt, is one of the best proteins ever. What makes chicken so good? Why do people love it so much? Well lucky me, I took this opportunity to try a few kinds of chicken and tell you all about ‘em.

I don’t like sharing food, so I hit up Wingstop, Buffalo Wild Wings (BDUBS), and Wingers.

Funny enough they all have the word “wing” in them! Ha!

My first wing experience was Wingstop. So exciting! Online, the most popular flavors were mango habanero and hickory smoked BBQ.

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Sadly, since I was busy, I had it delivered to me, so I did not get the restaurant experience. However, at first glance, I saw the wings and my mouth literally watered.

I have always heard that mango habanero was pretty spicy. Well, it is. Man, my mouth was on fire, but it was so good! It had a strong kick to it, but a little ranch took some of that spice away.

I feel like there’s a big difference between the types of wings you might get. There are the boneless and the traditional (bone-in) wings. I love both, but some flavors belong on a different kind of wing. However, mango habanero is the perfect flavor to have on boneless wings. On the other hand, the hickory smoked BBQ would taste better on the bone-in wings. Of course, it is still pretty good boneless, but it lacks that satisfying bite. And there is just too much BBQ!

I would rate Wingstop a seven out of ten. As I type, my mouth is still on fire, but I can‘t help but eat more.

Hop in Lancers, because our next stop is Buffalo Wild Wings, also known as BDUBS. It is my personal favorite. I am really looking forward to this. On Tuesdays, there is a BOGO (Buy One Get One) 50% off. If you buy one order of traditional wings, you can get another for 50% off! I just had to get this deal because I am broke.

I got myself twenty traditional wings because of this epic offer. Half mild sauce and half honey BBQ.

The spice difference is definitely there, the mango habanero kicked my booty, had me jumping up and down, but the mild sauce is definitely less spicy, but it still has a little kick.

RANCH, you GOTTA have it with your wings. It makes them one-hundred times better. Especially with that honey BBQ. Oh man. The taste is definitely a ten out of ten for BDUBS. Buffalo Wild Wings uses pure beef tallow, which has oil that is healthier for the consumer.

Our last stop is Wingers. I know, I know, maybe it isn’t the most popular place, but they have good chicken. They could spice up the name, though. Like what is Wingers? It seems a bit basic.

I wanted to mix it up for you. My personal favorite food is quesadillas. When I found out I could put their famous sticky fingers inside a quesadilla, I just had to try! No question about it.

This was a huge difference from traditional meat-filled quesadillas; this had their Original Amazing sauce on the side, which is really good. Pure deliciousness. I would recommend Wingers. Maybe not as a first choice, but if you were starving.

Now, which one hurts your wallet the most? In total, I ordered ten pieces from Wingstop and 20 pieces from Buffalo Wild Wings and a quesadilla from Wingers. Wingstop and Wingers were around fifteen dollars. Since I did get twenty wings at BDUBS, the total came out to twenty dollars.

So no, a fly does not come out of your wallet, but what is the bang for your buck? In comparing restaurant environment, service, and quality of food, I would say Buffalo Wild Wings wins.

Say all the hate you want, but to this day, I will always go to Buffalo Wild Wings to eat some good chicken. BDUBS will never fail me!

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