Lancers use Life360 app

Krystina Soriano, Reporter

LIFE360 is an app that allows people to track their family and friends in real time. Customers can see where the people in their circle are and where they’re going. 

The founding of this app happened after hurricane Katrina. The co-founder realized that first responders didn’t quite have the required tools to find someone who needed the help. “It is designed to protect and connect the people who matter most,” a Life360 spokesperson said. They wanted a way for families to manage their hectic lives.

Many users like the app because it allows them to keep an eye on their kids, friends, and lovers. Most users’ favorite part of the app is knowing their members of the circle have arrived somewhere safely. Another feature the users like is knowing the battery percentage of those in their circle. It gives them some sense as to why a specific person isn’t responding to their calls or messages. 

Other users don’t like the app because Life360 doesn’t always register certain things. “When they get within a mile or so of home you get a notification that they are already home,” a Life360 user commented. Many people have reported the location not working properly or the app just doesn’t give the right location at the right time. 

Avero Larson (12) believes Life360 is an invasion of his privacy. He feels he cannot go where he wants, as his parents can see where he’s going. He does find it partially helpful. “My parents will go on long drives, and I’m like, Are my parents dead? Did they crash the motorcycle? And then I look, oh they’re moving they’re not dead,” he said.

The app allows users to do a variety of things. Location sharing is the biggest and main use of this app. Customers may also see their Location ETA. Location ETA is the time it takes someone to get to their destination from where they are currently.

There are level packages one can subscribe to monthly. Those packages would be the free package, plus package, and driver protect package. Each level provides a certain amount of things one may do. Driver protect gives the customer everything on the app for $7.99. In contrast, the free package gives the essentials, but not everything. A potential user may see the exact features for each package at 

“You can see how fast they’re driving,” Kaylee Leyba (9) said. This is a feature one can have with the driver protect package. This allows those in the circle to see if a driver is speeding or not. Another useful feature is roadside assistance. This allows you to call someone from Life360 with the push of a button. They will tow a car up to five miles, fix a flat tire, jumpstart your battery, and give you 3 gallons of gas if you