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After Five Years at Granger High, this Custodian has Seen It All

BEING a custodian is not for the weak. For many years custodians have been doing the tedious task of cleaning and maintaining Granger’s campus. Day after day, they do their best to keep the school tidy.

Terri Cady, a custodian who’s been working here at Granger for five years, is fond of her job. Although this career is not ideal, and many people would not choose this, it is not a bad idea.

Cady begins her shift at six-thirty and ends at three in the afternoon. This is the time she enters, the time in which other custodians begin varies. Throughout the day she goes around the school and fulfills the tasks necessary. “I clean bathrooms, clean up the cafeteria after breakfast and lunch, and any messes that I see.” said Cady.

At first it may not seem too bad, but doing it for nine hours, minus the break, it can feel overwhelming. Especially when individuals don’t pick up after themselves.

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“It gets kind of annoying, because I am sure that their parents don’t clean up after them. They shouldn’t expect us to do it just ’cause we work here.” Cady said. A friendly reminder to all students: clean up after messes any time and place, because it is common etiquette.

Lancers agree that students should take care of their school to help the custodians. “They deserve more recognition. Have you seen the lunchroom? That’s nasty, people leave their food there, and I feel bad for them,” Britney Hernandez Vargas (11) said.

Aside from that, one of the weirdest experiences Cady faced was at her previous workplace, a middle school. One day while cleaning the bathrooms “I found poop in the urinals,” she said. Now that is just gross. However, this is just one of the many unfortunate things that custodians have to deal with.

Nonetheless, every job comes with its pros and cons. However, behind all this madness there is still hope. Cady described a wholesome experience that she had. “One time a student left me a note, I was cleaning the bathroom. I think it was last year, a student gave me a note that read: “Thank you for everything you do.” It was a really nice note.”

Saying thanks would be greatly appreciated, so when Lancers see the custodians, they could thank them for what they do. Without them, the Granger campus would be in shambles.

Although there are ups and downs to being a custodian, Cady would still recommend it to others, and she has advice for students: “Get a good education, stay in school and graduate. Getting a GED is not the same as a high school diploma, do your best so you can achieve what you want.”

In the end, the custodians wish nothing but the best for the kids in their halls. Show appreciation by picking up that trash.


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