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Home Release Not for Everyone


HOME RELEASE is a time of freedom from other students, teachers and most importantly, school. Some may choose to spend their time hanging out with their friends, going home to just chill out or taking this time to work on school or maybe even just going to work.

“I just go home, chill and do some chores,” Victor Pimentel (12) said. “My credits are all caught up and well, home release gives me the time to catch up on my schoolwork,” Pimental says. Home release must be worth it after 11 years of classes. “It feels so good to be caught up,” Pimentel says.

Manuel Chihuahua (12), who has an outgoing personality, just wants a well-deserved nap in peace. It is a no-brainer why he chose to have home release.

“During home release I like to hang out with my friends in the parking lot,” he said. “I use home release as my alone time and to not have to worry about anything. Home release makes me feel good, and it takes the stress off my shoulders. To be honest, I just want to be left alone and do my work,” Chihuahua says. It’s no question why he would get home release, it is simply a great feeling knowing that a full schedule isn’t in the way of his freedom. Many people would rather just enjoy their solitude.

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In a few cases, a student’s schedule requires home release. “Because of my Wasatch internship, I had home release. But after my internship ended, I didn’t have that opportunity anymore, so I used home release to finish up my homework at home,” Jaden Dasalla (12) said.

Lancers need to know if home release is helpful. “I’m already on track to graduate so for me it is just a luxury after the internship,” Dasalla said.

Students such as Dasalla will choose to do the opposite of what most home release students do, they would rather have a full schedule. “If I had a choice, I wouldn’t do home release. I would fill my schedule up with as many things as I could,” Dassala said.

Many Lancers may be confused by this opinion because after eleven to twelve years of constant schooling, it seems like every Lancer who could choose to get away from school should do it. “Home release is really nice, and I like to go home earlier, but I feel like I would be more productive if I filled up my day with things I need to do or classes that’ll help me,” Dasalla said. Valid.

Dasalla has advice for Lancers when choosing between more classes or home release. “Look at your life and see what your goals are. If there’s a class that could help you and that fits in a free period, I’d say you should take it instead of home release. But if you need home release, I would understand. A lot of people go to work,” Dasalla said.

In Dasalla’s case, he’s happy with his schedule? “For as it is right now, I’m enjoying it,” Dasalla said.

Home release provides an escape from school, but there’s also the opportunity to learn by taking an extra class. Lancers’ choice is to simply know what to do with the rest of their life. That’s easier said than done, but don’t fret! Lancers should contact their counselors to help make this decision or go to for an appointment.


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