Grangers baseball team gear up for another great season


THE BASEBALL team is working hard again this year to hopefully make this an even better year than last year. The baseball players are excited to start the new season and meet the new players. All the players on the baseball team love this game just as much as they love this school.

“I am most excited about starting varsity because this is what I have been working towards since freshman year,” Patrick Rigby (11) said. “So far the fall season has been amazing, I love being able to do the live reps in the scrimmages we do with the other schools in our region,” Rigby said.

The baseball team has been working towards this season all summer and the players are excited to see what this season will bring. In the summer, it is easier to balance life and baseball but when school starts it is a different story.

“It does get a little hard sometimes to balance school and baseball, but for the most part, I seem to do pretty good with it. I love the game so much, but I also would not let the game affect my grades and school life,” Alex Maravilla (10) said.

Although this is only the fall season, some feel it has an outlook on the new season. This could be good or bad. The fall season not only shows players what to look forward to, but the coaches as well, This is the time of year when the players have to prove themselves and show that they are ready to be a part of the team.

“I love this time of year, although it may get stressful, it is way fun. I love how much adrenaline the game brings and how exciting it always is. My favorite thing is being with some close friends while playing the game I love,” Maravilla said.

This is also a time for the coaches to be making some hard decisions on what is best for the team this year. This is a stressful time for players and coaches, because the decision-making part is one of the hardest things for the coaches.

“It is always hard to choose between talent and experience. I have been working with them all year, and I spend a lot of time getting to know them on a personal level,” Mr. Felion said. “It is pretty hard to be a teacher and a coach, but I know it is also hard for the players, considering that they are student athletes. I think it definitely goes hand in hand,” coach Felion said.

Being a part of a team is hard work, but it also brings great accomplishments. These student athletes take their schooling and their sports very seriously. Most of them know how to balance their school life with their sports.

“One of the things I am most excited about would probably be having fun with my teammates and also competing for a spot at state this year,” Connor Casaday (11) said. “It is really hard sometimes to balance school and baseball, especially when we get home super late. Every time that happens, I seem to have a lot of homework,” Casaday said.

It is always hard to balance school and sports, but these Granger High athletes would not change it for the world; these students love the game and they work hard to be a part of the team.