Lancers look to stay fit by training outside of Granger


A NEW YEAR means another rotation of grueling workout routines and early starts. For many students at Granger High, the new year brings an opportunity to make this the best time of their life—but athletes are seeing it differently. For these hard-working athletes, a new season starts as soon as the last one ends.

For Sarah Reynolds (11), a rigorous daily routine is her key to staying fit and ready for the next track season. “I run a lot to keep my mileage up. On the weekdays I run five miles, and on Saturdays, ! run 8-10 mile. I rest on Sundays—that was my goal for last year,” Reynolds said.

Although Reynolds works hard, she is unsure about when she will run again because of a foot injury she picked up. “No idea how this season will go because of the injury, I don’t even know when I’ll run again. It has been over like six months since the last time I ran. I know I would be much more ready if I had that time back,” Reynolds said.

Another aspect of preparedness at Granger lies beyond one’s physical ability, but instead in mental ability. Jaiden Griffiths (12) knows it takes more than just a workout routine to be ready.

“Well yeah I have workouts and go to the open gyms. I always make sure I am getting there academically with my grades to be able to play,” Griffiths said.

Other students look to other sports as their way to stay fit during the off-season. Ying Huang (12) takes full opportunity from the sports Granger offers. “I don’t really do a lot outside of school because I play tennis to stay ready for swim and now swim is doing great with practices. It used to be seven practices a week but now we cut it to five with a little more work and it really helps,” Huang said.

A common saying is that the physical readiness of a sport is only half of the game. For Chris Nuvan (10), being mentally ready is what pushes him ahead.

“I do calisthenics and cardio a lot. I also play some pick-up games to practice my technique and I dribble at home. I make sure that I use my time effectively to better myself in a physical stance and mentally prepare myself so that when a game comes around it’s just easier,” Nuvan said.

Some students find sports teams to be on beyond Granger. Ilze Enriquez (11) is one student that looks beyond Granger’s offered sports teams to stay fit. “I go to summer training here at Granger. I also play for another team to keep my fitness up, and I will start to come to the morning practices,” Enriquez said.

Granger students like to mix up the usual routine when it comes to fitness. With some extraordinary athletes at the school, these routines are just some insight on how Granger is creating such participants.

Whether it is running 10 miles a weekend or participating in small pick-up games for practice, Granger is home to some promising athletes.