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Nightly Friday night out

Edna Cruz Soto
Nightly delivered an amazing show on Friday, Oct 20 at The Depot in Salt Lake City.

It was a regular school day. I had no plans for the day, then it took an amazing turn. Usually, my Friday nights are taken up by football games, but this week there was no football game scheduled. My plan was to have a chill Friday night, but when an offer of free concert tickets popped up, why not take them? 

The band that I went to go see was called Nightly. I didn’t figure out till halfway through the concert that Nightly stands for Night Love You. 

Nightly’s Wear Your Heart Out Tour began on October 5 and ends on November 16. I was able to see them at The Depot in Salt Lake City on October 20. 

Thankfully my friends were not busy and agreed to go with me. We listened to them on Spotify the whole day at school and on the car ride to the concert. We did our research and figured out their names. I quickly realized their music was extremely catchy and I enjoyed listening to them. 

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That evening, we arrived at The Depot around 5:30. We didn’t think we’d be anywhere near the stage. We were wrong!

We watched as the line grew longer. We had never been to The Depot before, so once the doors opened, all we could do was follow the crowd. We ended up second to the barricade which was extremely close! We didn’t know what to expect, so we entered with an open mind.

Nightly had two openers. The first band that opened was called the Nightbreakers. They hit the stage and got everyone hyped. The drummer was definitely the star of the show. Just standing there, you could feel the drums being played and it was super loud. The crowd was jumping and everyone was excited for the rest of the night. 

The other opener was Knox and his crew. It was Knox’s birthday. There was a group of people in the crowd who handed out party hats so we could wear them before he was on stage. 

Knox was extremely outgoing. I was able to see how much he loves being on stage. He was interacting with the crowd and had a happy attitude. His music was also extremely catchy. I memorized most of his song lyrics by the end of his part of the show. 

My favorite song that he performed was “Sneakers”. I actually heard “Sneakers” on TikTok, so when I heard it I got so happy because I knew every lyric! Knox did an amazing job opening the show. He got the fans ready for Nightly to perform. 

My friends and I were also able to meet Knox and the Nightbreakers at the end of the concert. Knox was super friendly and was thanking everyone who came. He even signed my birthday hat and a guitar pick that he threw in the crowd!

Before Nightly performed, there was a video of them thanking everyone for coming. The main point in the video was for charity. They raised money to give safe, clean, water to people who don’t have access to it. They explained how this water crisis is dangerous and they are grateful for anyone who could donate.

Nightly was amazing! They opened with their title track, “Wear Your Heart Out”. It was a great way to energize the crowd. There was never a moment where I was bored, even for their slower songs. Nightly brought out Knox to sing the song they are featured in, “Miss When You Missed Me”. Having both of them on stage was so cool! They brought out a cake and a present for Knox. All of the fans sang Happy Birthday too.

Nightly continued to hype up the crowd. The lead singer would tell us meaningful messages before each song. Those messages stuck with me. One message was that if you feel it in your gut, and you know it’s something that you should continue with, don’t give up. Once they announced that the concert was about to end they played, “Like I Do”. It’s my favorite Nightly song. I sang along while all of the fans were having fun. 

They thanked everyone for coming out and the concert ended. At the end of the night, we ended up with four guitar picks. We were happy with how amazing our unplanned Friday night went!

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