Sophie goes all out for volleyball


Sophie plays volleyball for Granger High and for club teams.

Hope Woods, Reporter

By Hope Woods

SOPHIE McCoy (11) has been playing volleyball for five years since seventh grade. McCoy is a wonderful student and a wonderful team player. She stands out there and makes sure that no one is left out.

While playing volleyball this last season her position was middle. While playing club for three years McCoy’s position was setter and right-side hitter. This coming season and for her club team, she wants to try being a libero.

McCoy feels like her weakness would be that she is not very fast. Her strength is her perseverance. “It took me a long time to realize that your mind is going to give up before your body does,” McCoy said. 

She says if players keep a PMA (positive mental attitude) they’re gonna come out on top. She said it’s mostly about who is mentally stronger. McCoy has worked very hard these past few months with her team. They have been practicing every day and doing runs. She plans on working on talking with her team more and understanding who is covering what areas. 

April McCoy, Sophie’s mother, says that McCoy is a great volleyball player who works very hard. She also mentions that McCoy plays high school volleyball from August to October and club ball from November to May. McCoy’s real training goes from May through August when she attends both of her training camps in high school volleyball so she can work on her skills and improve them. 

Her mom says that McCoy is a leader. “The other girls look up to her,” she said. She feels like the coach relies on her ability to help the younger girls on and off the court. She said that her daughter tends to be hard on herself. She wants her to know that it’s OK if she can’t keep going. She wants her daughter to take breaks, so she doesn’t wear herself out as easily. It can help her push harder in the future knowing that it is OK to take a break and breathe for a minute.

After so many positive experiences on the team, McCoy encourages people to join. “Do it,” she said. 

McCoy says that is fun, there are good teammates, and they care about each other. She wants to make sure that everyone feels very welcomed when joining and make sure that everyone feels like they are a part of the team. McCoy wants to raise up her team so that they are the state champions by her senior year.