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an open forum for student expression

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The Excalibur’s Success Region


GRANGER Drill has been working hard all year to prepare to compete. “We’ve known the routines since August, so since then we’ve been cleaning them up,” Emma Boguslawski (12) said. The Excaliburs prepared three routines: show, military, and dance to compete at Hunter High School.

“Military is more sharp movements and extreme facials, while dance is more flowy and flexible,” Boguslawski said.

They placed 4th in the dance category, which sent them to the quarter-finals. This was the first time Granger was placed with their new coach, Elisha Sutton, so it was quite an emotional moment.

They were also a close second qualification in their military routine. “Military routines in Utah are nothing like military routines in other states,” Boguslawski said. The dance attire is quite different. “In other states, the teams wear cowboy hats and boots, and it’s a completely different thing than it is in Utah,” she added.

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“I like our military routine the best because of its fierce and sharp movements. It’s challenging to do, but when we are dancing it feels so powerful,” Victoria Silva (12) said.

Boguslawski, on the other hand, likes the show. “The show is my favorite because it’s more pumped,” she said.

Competing helps them feel supported as a team. “Working together and wanting to place in our routines helps us bond,” Silva said. During the competition, they lift each other.

“After every routine we competed, I made my team go and hug each other. Even if someone made a mistake, we make sure to focus on the positives,” Boguslawski, a team captain, said.

A good crowd helped them perform better. “The crowd was much more supportive than they usually are. When we have a loud crowd, it makes us feel so much more confident,” Boguslawski said. The Granger community wanted the drill team to feel supported. When they placed it felt great to have their family and friends cheering them on. Dr. Howe was there to cheer on the Excaliburs, and he was very proud to see them perform. They did a great job representing Granger High.

The drill team took notes on this competition to bring to the next one. “I want to be sharper with movements! That way, the judges will see exactly what our motions are when we do them.” Silva said.


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