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Granger Sports and You


WINTER sports have come to an end and for the class of 2024, and their high school careers are finally over.

The Granger girls basketball team played their final game on February 13 against Hunter High. They lost, but they still enjoyed every second of that game. They played West Jordan on February 2 for their senior night. The results were not the best, but their senior night couldn’t have been better.

Sophia Than (12) said, “My senior night ended up exactly how I’ve been dreaming about it since my freshman year. All my friends and family took up a whole section of the stands, and I was able to see how much support I had that day.”

Many seniors have bittersweet feelings because after four years of practicing after school, attending and playing in many games, and meets they finally got to play one last time at Granger before leaving for the real world. All their sacrifice and dedication over the years are things they will keep as precious memories forever.

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High school student athletes anticipate how their senior night is going to end up after seeing many senior nights before. Granger athletes, who have been in a sport for four years, have seen class after class receive their senior night and have patiently waited for their time to come.

The girls basketball team season ended up being 1-19, but their spirit and teamwork continued with them till the end of their season. “My season went well, it just doesn’t show on the scoreboard, but I made lifelong friends over the years,” Than said.

Many times, the result is what people see at the games, but what truly matters are the students who play. “I was proud of myself for making it this far in high school basketball, and it was sad to see it end,” Than said. Being a student athlete isn’t easy. Having to prioritize both sport and school is very difficult.

For the basketball girls, they had to stay after school for either practices or games, which both end late.

Every athlete has a favorite memory that they will always remember. Being a professional athlete to a high school athlete, one simple memory can stick with them for a long time.  “My favorite memory was when I went back into the games, and it felt like the gym was shaking from my friends and family cheering,” Than said. Hearing the stands packed with students, family, and friends, is an experience that many will never forget.

“My advice to future ballers and Lancers is to give 100% and try everything because you only have four years to experience that teenage fever,” Than said. Four years pass by fast. When having fun and not realizing how much time can be lost during high school, it can seem like only a couple of months have passed.

Fall and winter sports are now officially over, and spring sports are the only ones left for the class of 2024. As the graduation date gets closer, the class of 2024 has realized that in three months, they will close the door on those four years of being a teenager forever.

Granger still has spring sports left, which include softball, baseball, track and field, girls golf, boys tennis, and boys soccer. Come out and support those Lancers!

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