G-card holders enjoy lunch with the principal


G-CARDS have been allowing kids to all different types of rewards. Including candy bars, five minute early release, G-Swag, lunch with the principle and so much more. Lancers have been doing so much around Granger to make this a better, safer environment.

When kids think lunch with the principle, they think getting their food, and having a sit down conversation with their principle. That was not the case with this. Kids walked into the alumni room, grabbed a plate of their favorite Panda Express food and walked back to the lunchroom to eat with their friends.

To earn these cards is simple, kindness. “I earned my g-card by helping out a kid in my class, and just simply being nice to other people.” Jose Velasquez (11) said. Kindness is not a hard task to come by. “I have never had a full conversation with the principle but it was nice to finally meet him and talk to him,” Velasquez said.

The man who started this all, Dr Dunn, has never felt so much joy for giving kids the recognition they deserve. “It’s so great to recognize those Granger lancers that have been putting their all into making this school a better place,” Dr Dunn said.

“We hope the students of Granger want to work hard, but not for the fact that they get lunch with the principle or just any g-cards for that matter,” Dunn said as kids piled in to collect their food, “We have over three thousand kids at this school that deserve recognition and this is how we hope to achieve this.”

A few hopeful people continue to get g-cards, waiting for the moment they get lunch with the principle, “Everytime I get a g-card it’s always is for a candy bar, I’m hoping to get lunch with the principle before 1 graduate.” Hayley Rigby (12)  said.

Granger will continuing doing this for years to come. By introducing g-cards to Granger it has given administration and teachers the chance to give helpful students the recognition they deserve.