David Simon plans to make big time future investments in cryptocurrency


BITCOIN is the fastest cryptocurrency rising in value and is number one of the cryptocurrencies. Granger’s one and only David Simon (12) has been studying the values and the works of cryptocurrencies ever since Bitcoin first came into the picture.

“Ever since I was younger, something about the dark web and Bitcoin caught my eye,” Simon said.

Simon is 18 years old, and he played for the soccer team, but he is not an ordinary student considering this interest in cryptocurrencies.

“Most students waste their time on social media; buying cars, shoes, and jewelry when they could invest their money to make even more money,” Simon said.

He sees students lack of interest and awareness on cryptocurrencies as an advantage. “Almost no one of our age is paying attention to advancements in future technology of buying cryptocurrency which is untrackable, unregulated by any banks or government that keeps its price fluctuating when they drop price he plans to buy many and watch the price skyrocket up,” Simon said.

Simon explains the ways of getting rich off this electronic money. “Say that you find a currency that has been going moving up in chart that each coin is worth as little as twenty-five cents, but you were to buy ten thousand dollars’ worth of them which you end up with forty thousand coins if the price of one coin were to go up to even five dollars you would end up with two hundred thousand dollars,” Simon said.

There is a chance at failing at this as well. “If you do not pay attention to the supply and how many coins are in circulation, you could pay a lot for a coin that will not even increase in value, reason being why Bitcoin has zoomed up the charts for one coin to be worth sixteen-thousand dollars as of now for the limited supply in them and how high in demand they are in a lot of people have become millionaires off Bitcoin,” Simon said.

Simon’s high interest came from the fact that they first started using Bitcoin on the dark web to steal people’s identities and buy weapons without it tracking to personal buyers. Considering this, it is crazy how it can end up going towards something as simple as buying things on the amazon.com website.

Besides that, Simon has high hopes and goals. He wants to get rich, eventually having his own business and be his own boss. Simon says he will continue to pay attention to the stocks. As of right now, Simon is indecisive about going to college.

“If college is in your path of getting the life and dream career you have always wanted, then go ahead—just don’t go to impress people around you if you could just skip it,” Simon said.

He first wants to get his real estate license and buy an apartment complex and rent out each to make stable money. “I did not have much growing up, and I hope I can provide more for my future children and get them things I could not get,” Simon said. Many students doubt Simon, but with the right investment, he might come out on top.