Remember to stock lockers with these essentials



A well-stocked locker makes it easy to solve life’s little problems.

Opinion by Jessie Martin

A WELL-stocked locker can help keep you out of trouble. They can also make you the superhero friend who has everything when the beginning of the school year brings the start of all sorts of unfortunate accidents.

A toothbrush and toothpaste and deodorant would be great for you to have. Gum, too. Remember, if you share gum with one person, you have to share with everyone else, so keep gum dealing on the down low.

Band-Aids and maybe some ibuprofen or Tylenol are great to have just in case they are needed.

Speaking of forgetting, a lot of students forget to eat breakfast.

Everyone knows that teens are always hungry, so keep some snacks on hand. Storing a box of granola bars, trail mix, or even a snack bag of cereal is a great idea so students can grab a bite in-between classes.

If you have third lunch or you’re taking a test on an empty stomach, a granola bar can really help take your hungry mind off lunch and keep it in class.

For classes, a spare book for English in your locker will keep you on that teacher’s good side. Also an extra pencil, a notebook, some colored pencils, a pair of scissors, a glue stick, and a roll of tape would be good supplies to have handy for procrastinated projects due first thing in class.

An extra jacket in your locker can save you from an unexpected chilly day or classroom. Gloves and a beanie, especially a Granger one, would keep the cold at bay as well, and aren’t against school dress code. Also for cold season, hand sanitizer and cough drops are a must have.

Another thing that would be nice to have is an umbrella. With Utah’s weather changing every two minutes, an umbrella would be swell on an unexpected rainy day.

Bad weather can ruin a good hair day, but students who keep hair ties can keep their hair out of their face on an especially windy day. The extra Granger beanie comes in handy here, too, in case of a bad hair day — as well as a brush or comb.

A spilled drink can ruin a good day. Students can be prepared by keeping an extra shirt handy in their locker. A spare pair of pants can really help out in a tough spot, too. Especially for someone taking a ceramics class. Gym clothes and tennis shoes for P.E. in case students forget are a good idea, too.

And for girls, feminine hygiene products are essential. Beauty supplies like makeup and hairspray can keep girls looking fabulous all day.

If you search for more information, the website has some ideas on what things to keep in lockers. For example, keep beauty supplies and hygiene products in a small bag to grab and go. They also say some ideas for locker stockers are cologne or perfume, lotion, and some spare money. They warn students not to keep too much money in their locker in case of theft; $5-$20 as emergency money would be plenty.

So get ready for another school year, and stock that locker. You might even save the day for yourself, or someone else.