Here’s what to expect as a Lancer


Opinion by Angel G. Figueroa 

EVERYONE is on the internet, and with that, people want to be more connected to their friends and family.

Social media is a big part of Lancers’ lives, although some of them can’t get off their phones in class because of it. While it’s not good to look at your Facebook in class, it’s a good way to know what’s going on with friends and family.

Personally, I don’t use Facebook as much as I used to, but I find it really handy when I want to know what’s going on in school. I follow the Granger official page – mainly for events and dates or when we are having a spirit week.

Other than the school’s main webpage at the website, it’s also a good idea to follow one of Granger High’s clubs that you’re interested in or curious about so you can follow events that they post.

Probably the best way to be in the know with the school is the Granger’s official YouTube page. “What we post is not simply just news, we have other things like daily highlights, Lancer Store promos, film festival promos, prom highlights, sometimes words from the principals, and sports coverage,” Mr. Clapier said.

If you’re not a club, you can still follow them. Maybe you’ll gain an interest in the club and join.

Twitter is another good way to see what people are up to.  I find it really great way to see what my favorite page or people are going to do, and the Granger page doesn’t disappoint.  I find it the most informative for school news is the one on Twitter. It’s so quick, just scrol down to find the Granger logo and read the tweet.

Even if you don’t follow Granger’s Twitter, you’ll probably see the retweets other students post on their feed.

Although Twitter can be useful for students, there’s other Twitter accounts that you should avoid. There are Twitter pages from Granger students that post negative tweets about other students. It’s bullying, and it’s wrong.

Bullying pages like that should not get attention, so you should follow more positive Granger student instead, pages like Granger Compliments. They give students compliments and give positive attention to the school.

Even though these pages could be inactive, there are always going to be pages popping up. Look out for new pages and avoid the negative ones.

For Instagram, Granger kind of lacks on their news for the school, but they sometimes give a shout out to a team or an athlete or a classmate, and that’s great.

Another way to find out great and interesting students is the Tri-Color Times on Instagram. They post about interesting students and what they like or what makes them interesting as Lancers.

Whatever platform you use you can get news from Granger and stay updated with events and you should because you don’t want to miss anything Granger is throwing.