A new school year offers new opportunities


Oswaldo Cabrera

Granger High School is ready to welcome a fresh batch of students.

EVERY school year is a fresh start for everyone, doesn’t matter how long anyone’s been coming to Granger or if it’s the first time attending this school. Some might have had a different experience than others, but teachers and administrators have been trying to make changes every year so that new opportunities are available for everyone.

It’s always great to join a club or something that helps students interact more with school, because that will not only make the year much more fun. But it will always help someone meet new people.

“Last year was my first year attending Granger High School, and all I have to say is that Granger offers way more than I expected, and I know that I will have a lot of opportunities here,” Araceli Garcia (11) said.

At Granger High, there are always new things to expect. For example: last year they changed the attendance policy and made new changes about consequences that will make each student think twice about doing something bad. This year they might change those back or maybe even keep them depending on how well they worked last year.

One thing that Lancers should be expecting is the warm welcome that every kind teacher gives. Some teachers have different ways of teaching, some might be stricter than others, but one thing for sure is that they will always be there to help out anyone who is in need.

Another thing to expect is to see students helping each other out. No one here will tolerate any student to get bullied or put down. Everyone is family here and teachers expect all Lancers to treat each other like family.

“Coming to Granger for a couple years now, I’ve noticed that there’s always people that are willing to help and the same goes with teachers,” Paola Lopez (12) said. Granger High also offers programs that will help out students that are doing bad in school or that are having any type of personal problem.

Every student here has a different way of speaking, learning, and living, so expect a lot of diversity here at Granger High School. There are always new clubs available throughout the entire school year and sports to try out as well. Every coach here at Granger High School makes sure that each student enjoys playing the sport that he or she joined and makes sure that athletes all know how proud the Lancers are to have such great teams.

Granger is always having fun activities where the students’ families can come and participate along with them. Some activities are carnivals, parades, and game nights.

Some of the carnivals that they do are due to some holidays that are celebrated outside of the U.S. or that aren’t usually celebrated in the U.S. These parades have to do with holidays that might be going on during that time and game nights might just be a sports game to come watch or any clubs when they have competitions.

For kids who put is some effort, there’s no such thing as being bored here at Granger High.