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Cafeteria Staff Serves Up Lancers’ Lunchtime Favorites


EVERY day the lunch staff is on a mission. From early morning to lunchtime, they are cooking up meals for hungry Lancers. Cooking for a school of over 3000 students every day with limited supplies isn’t easy. However, the staff has been working hard to keep kids fed.

A lot of students leave campus for food because they think school lunches are gross. They might’ve had one bad experience and given up on school lunch completely. Meanwhile, some argue school lunch is underrated and over-hated. But for authoritative reviews, it’s best to turn to Lancers who actually eat at school, and each has a favorite meal that the lunch staff serves.

“My favorite meal is the mashed potato bowl with corn and chicken,” Madisyn Henrie (12) said. Henrie thinks this meal is a good combination of different elements. She wishes this meal were served more often, but the loves when it does appear in the rotation.

Some items appear in multiple different meals. “My favorite thing is the mac and cheese, and it is paired with different things each time,” Eliana Manatau (11) said.

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Both Manatau and Henrie love the lunch staff. “They are super nice and really cool,” Henrie said. “They eat it up! They definitely deserve a pay raise,” Manatau said.

The lunch ladies make lunchtime feel like home. They always have smiles on their faces and make everyone feel welcome. And sometimes they sneak extra brownies for students.

Along with the main meals, side options are also a hit. Henrie enjoys the raspberries and strawberries, while Manatau enjoys applesauce and cake. These side options enhance the main meal.

While students are grateful for what is offered, there are some changes that could be made. Henrie wishes more juice options were available. She thinks that few people like drinking milk every day. Manatau agrees with wanting more juices; she’d like to see a good orange juice. Manatau wishes there were more fresh fruit, too. While there are fruit options, a bigger variety would satisfy Manatau.

Another reason students choose school lunch frequently is price. Each school meal costs $1.50 (not counting free or reduced lunch). Compared to the average $6.00 for off-campus lunch, school lunch is a much cheaper option.

School lunch gives Lancers the energy they need to get through their boring 3rd and 4th periods (no hate to the 3rd and 4th period teachers). No one considers it a gourmet meal, but it certainly can be tasty.

Teachers know the importance of having kids fed. Having kids’ basic needs met can unlock success in class, and school lunch can be the key.

While it is nice to get Little Caesars and Carl’s Jr. occasionally, school lunch is a good, everyday option. So before hating on it, try another meal from the cafeteria. Maybe it will change your mind. Plus, who doesn’t love the chicken Alfredo?

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