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After School High School Plans


MANY LANCERS have interesting and exciting plans for their future after high school. But it goes the opposite way as well.

“I don’t get as many kids as I’d like to talk about college, or anything after high school that further education,” Ms. Roberts-Nikyema said. This is OK because many people won’t figure out what they truly want to do until later in life. “When I do get answers, though, it’s normally about trade, cars, and metalworking. I get a lot of, ‘I don’t need college,’ and ‘I still don’t know yet,’ as answers,” Ms. Roberts-Nikyema said.

“They either won’t talk, or they don’t know what they want to do. Nobody is that optimistic about it,” Ms. Parrish said. After high school, plans are supposed to be an exciting time for seniors and people entering the adult world, but it seems like nobody really has it figured out, which isn’t a horrible thing. That said, there are many seniors who are passionate and aware of what they will be doing after high school.

“I plan to continue my swim career at the University of Utah. I also plan on majoring in criminology because I find it interesting. I want to learn how criminals think to further pursue my goals,” Caleb Wright (12) said.

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A love for computer science has two Lancers chasing the same goals as they both go down the same career pathway. “I plan to go to the University of Utah to major in computer science. I will also be making a clothing collection that consists of a ton of different clothing pieces,” Deion Johnson (12) said.

“I plan to get a brief start on learning how to program this upcoming summer. I also plan on attending the University of Utah, where I will major in computer science and become a software engineer to pursue my desired career,” Adrian Lewis (12) said. “I will also be making money on the sidelines with a part-time job, where I will also make time for my hobbies,” Lewis said.

There is such a variety of things going on with seniors after high school. “I plan to visit Mexico and see my family. I will come back and save money while having fun during summer at concerts etc. Then, I will attend either the University of Utah, Utah Tech University, or the University of Hawaii Manoa where I will major in film and production for four years until I earn my bachelor’s degree,” Sofia Arostegui Romero (12) said.

Other Lancers plan on helping people out in the medical field. “I plan on going to Utah State University, where I will study nursing to become an anesthesiologist nurse,” Demetria Harpe (12) said.

Religious service is another option for Lancers looking to further their own and others’ experience of religion. “After the summer ends, I want to start At-Home MTC for a couple of weeks, then I will leave for In-Person MTC. After that, I will leave for South Lima, Peru for my mission. When I return to Utah, I plan to attend Utah Valley University to study architecture,” Josh Turcsanski (12) said.

Sports are a good thing to try and get involved in during college. “I plan on going to college to play baseball. I wanna see how far I can get with it. I have a lot of interest in many schools, from both the East and West Coast, but I’m targeting Salt Lake Community College or Utah Valley University,” Peyton Percival (12) said.

The lights are pretty bright for these senior Lancers.


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