Distance learners miss school

The pandemic has created a two-tier system of in-person and distance learners.


COVID-19 has caused many schools to shut down, and switch to online learning for the safety of the students and staff at school. Since switching to online, many students have missed the in-school learning experience and social interactions they once had.
To begin, students were skeptical about switching to online because it was a new experience for them. “Switching to online has felt really different because this is the first time I have experienced something like this, but the process of doing my work online has felt fairly easy,” Geo Alvarez (11) said. Students agreed to this because they could do everything on their own time and at their own pace.
After being online for some time, students started to realize that they missed many activities that were only available with in-person learning. “I have also missed assemblies and school activities which are things that made school a lot more enjoyable for me because they were fun and made time go by quickly,” Alavarez said. Many students seemed to enjoy the assemblies Granger used to have, because it was a good break for students throughout the day.
Several students felt as if the assignments were more difficult to do because of the remote way they were learning the material. “I miss how teachers explained things and helped me with my assignments because learning on your own is more difficult,” Alan Espinoza (11) said. Teachers had a harder time teaching lessons online because it was hard to get students to attend the Google Meets and other discussions, too.
Some students were relieved at the fact they had more time to do whatever they needed to do throughout the day, which was convenient for them. “Ever since we started distance learning, I feel like I have had more time on my hands because I can finish my school work in one session and still have enough time to enjoy my day,” Leo Ruiz (11) said. For these students, they felt more productive because they were constantly getting things done.
Students viewed school as a place to work on important skills. “I miss going to school and socializing with others because that is something that I love to do,” Ruiz said. Lancers took advantage of in-person learning to work on socializing skills, but now it’s harder for them to work on those skills in places where they aren’t comfortable.
Students had a more organized schedule to get the things done and achieve better outcomes.
“I would say that online is better than in person at least for me just because my schedule now fits with my ideal life because I feel more comfortable doing things at my own pace,” Ruiz said. Online students missed how informative the in-person class explanations were because clear directions would make their assignments easier.
Granger Lancers realize that in-person and online learning both have benefits. Students who were concerned with their health choose online learning despite missing things that can only be experienced in person. After a challenging year, students believe that online is a better choice due to personal benefits.