How Lancers mistakes and their advice to overcome them


IN HIGH school, everyone has their regrets. Many teens have something they wish they had done in their 4 years. It’s not always easy commiting to certain goals for the school year. No matter the grade, students every age have passed up on opportunities they wish they hadn’t. It is important to learn from others, especially in this long journey called high school.

Interacting and putting yourself out there is a great start. “I regret not getting more out there, to be honest. Joining clubs, meeting more people, doing more things. I regret that because who doesn’t like to meet more people? It’s great to meet more people and get more experience. You should do things that get you out of your comfort zone. It’s very important. It’s important because everyone should have a friend. Make sure you always get out of your comfort zone because the best things in life are usually placed out of fear,” said Marshall Trujillo (11).

Social events are great opportunities for many things. “I regret not coming to all of the activities, like the football games. I didn’t go to as many as I wish I did. I wish I had went to be more social and meet more people. You should meet more people because it’s like networking. You might need help with something one day, and because you met all those people, one is going to be bound to be able to help you. My advice is go to social events and take classes that challenge you because it will pay off in the future,” said Mariana Bueno (12).

Jessica Gonzalez (12) regrets not going to school more. “I regret skipping school all the time and failing. It sucked because I had to make it all up. I had to work so hard to get back on track. I’m ahead now but it wasn’t worth skipping all that time. I did summer school and took extra classes. Don’t skip class. No matter what your friends say, do not skip. Follow the good influences you have,” Gonzalez said.

While some Lancers goof off a lot, it’s not always bad at certain times. “The biggest regret I’ve had freshman and sophomore year was taking things way to seriously. I seemed rude and came off with a condescending tone. It wasn’t until I met my best friend when I started to change. She taught me to be kinder and to relax,” Noel Munguia-Moreno (11) said.

“I was super uptight and nervous about everything. She showed me how to be myself and do things that you enjoy. I took up drawing, writing, and a bunch of other stuff. Going through high school, don’t take things too seriously. Do your work, be the best student you can. Don’t just be here for the attendance. Take care of yourself and realize that you are only human. And sleep. Get plenty of sleep,” Moreno said.

Granger is a wonderful place to form bonds and make friends. “I regret not making more friends. I’m still working on it. Every day you have the opportunity to meet these wonderful unique people, and there is thousands in Granger. I have a few close friends, and I know they are going to be lifelong friends. I just wish I had more. You should get out more, socialize more. Use social media as an advantage and connect with your peers. The best thing you can do it surround yourself with great friends and positive energy. It all starts with yourself,” said Evelyn Reyes (10).

After all is said and done, fellow Lancers can only acknowledge the mistakes of their peers and work to not make those same mistakes. In a school of thousands, don’t waste the opportunities you have presented to you. Get out there, meet everyone, and make your mark. You will learn a lot. As humans, all we have is to learn.