Looking for a summer job? Consider these recommended summer jobs for teens

SINCE the school year is going to be dismissed soon, summer is a great opportunity to find a job. Many students would love to earn money, and having a part-time job could help them financially. Most employers would rather have a teenager that is 16 and up, although some can be lenient with teens that are 14 or 15 years of age.

Many jobs for 16 to 18-year-olds are fast food restaurant cashiers or crew members. Students will be working behind the cash register or in the kitchen, it really depends on the trainer for what they’ll train the worker. Some jobs that are available daily are Sonic, Wendy’s, Burger King, etc. There aren’t many jobs available for teenagers that are out of the fast food realm.

Retail is one option for teens that are 16 and up. There are many stores that hire 16-year-olds, such as Zumiez, Target, Foot Locker and many more. One thing about working in retail is that it requires one to be able to speak to others. Most retail employees experience a bad customer every once in awhile, and sales clerks need to understand how to have a good attitude towards others.

Having a good attitude towards someone that doesn’t respect others may be a bit hard for some people, and that’s why most don’t like working in retail or any job that requires communication with others. A job that is available for 15-year-olds and up is a sweeper at a local school. “I think the best summer job is being a sweeper at a school,” Ja’reese Barber (9) said. Working as a sweeper at a school is easy enough for a summer job.

People sometimes keep their summer jobs and have it has a long-term job because they job enjoy it or the work isn’t as bad as they thought it would be. Finding a summer job can be very beneficial, because students can find a job and keep the job until they find another one that will be beneficial for their future. Jobs can be very good for students because they’ll have at least some sort of training for any other job.

Eventually, everyone is going to get a job even if they wouldn’t be too happy to have one. So why not start off with a job while you have time during the summer season? It can be beneficial to have some sort of training for a better job that lies ahead. While students are growing up, most don’t really realize how hard things really are. “You learn to appreciate what people do,” Barber said.

There are jobs that don’t require an employer, such as simply working for people around the neighborhood. Adults are usually busy and don’t have time for some things. Some of these jobs include mowing lawns, dog walking, and babysitting kids. These types of jobs are great for all ages but can require one to hold a lot of responsibility and trustworthiness. Others need to have trust in one another, especially when they’re hiring a teenager with short notice.  

“I’ll work when I’m out of high school because I just want to have fun,” Vivian Fernandez (10) said. Working when over the age of 18 is best because the income will be much better and there will be better jobs available for many high schoolers. However, most Lancers wouldn’t really enjoying working during their time away from school and would like to do their own things.