One last night before seniors take flight


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SENIOR Ball isn’t just a dance, it is a night were the graduating class comes together for one last time before graduation. It is a night for seniors to relax and reflect on their high school lives that are now coming to an end, and for some it is a checkpoint for on how far we have come.

“Senior ball is going to be a magical night, I’m looking forward to my date the most, I know he’s going to make the night,” Jordan Lopez (12) said. “I love seeing happiness in people and I know it’s gonna be in the air at the dance, just thinking about it gives me chills because it’s or last hoorah together before the final one,” Lopez said.

Some students haven’t even gone to a dance before and are going to senior ball.

“I’m expecting to spend a lot of money on senior ball, it is my first dance and I am looking forward to it, I hope it’ll be as memorable and fun as I expect it to be,” Zachary Cowens (12) said.  

Senior Ball will be on May 19. So instead of procrastinating and waiting until the last minute to have everything planned from the day date to and figuring out what to wear, some students can give you advice on where to go and how to prep for Senior Ball.

“The first advice I would give is to not be shy and don’t be scared to go all out, also groups are always a good idea,” Tyler Burton (12) said. “The hardest thing about the dance is that it’s the last one so everyone is trying to stay motivated because it’s the last dance and the pressure is on,” Burton said.

The theme of the ball is a “Diamond Ball” the color scheme is royal blue and silver and it will be held in The Gateway Grand Hall.