Seniors are ready to wrap it up

SOME STUDENTS are relieved and ready for a summer break, while others are sad because perhaps they’re leaving behind a bunch of memories and experiences that had happened within the school year. Students not only have completed another year, but have made new friends, met their favorite teachers, and are already preparing for their next year. It’s a bittersweet moment for every student.

“I’m ready for a fresh start, a new chapter in my life,” Patrick Fue (12) said. While most students are wrapping the year up and preparing themselves for their next year of high school, seniors are preparing for their next steps in life. As we draw near the end and closer to graduation, Granger High seniors are not only preparing for graduation, but are also paying off fees, turning in credit recovery packets, making up citizenship, buying caps and gowns. Some are also registering for college, paying college fees, applying for jobs, and some are preparing to be missionaries of the LDS church or going into the military. “ I decided for myself that I want to serve a mission right after graduation, my goal is to go right after graduation so that I can come back and start college,” Jenny Taula (12) said.

Wrapping up the year can be a bittersweet moment for any student. “I’m going to miss my friends. We always make plans before summer vacation but we never follow through,” Julia Taula (11) said. School is mostly just about education, but it also gives students a chance to meet new people.

“I think that when you’re wrapping up the year you have to move very quick and get things done so that you can be ready for next year,” Tobeb Mochimaru (10) said. Towards the end of the year, most students stop giving their best effort because they’re too anxious for summer to get here. Aside from summer vacation just being around the corner, there are still things that need to be done such as attending all your classes, doing your best to attend them on time, and making up missing/late work.

The end of the year is always the best time of the school year because there are more fun and enjoyable activities such as Prom, Senior Ball, the talent show, and the spirit bowl! SBO’s do their best to make the end of the school year special so that students can end the year memorably. “One thing I love and enjoy about highschool and will be hard for me to forget is the Spirit Bowl,” Taula said.