Now it’s time for these teachers to kick back


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THERE comes a point in one’s life when it is time to move on to greater things in life, whether it is relaxing at home or spending time with their loved ones. This want for something more has been infiltrating some of Granger’s teachers. We are sad to say more than a few of Granger’s teachers are going to make their exit in the next academic school year.

These teachers are: Dr. Vantassel, Ms. Atkins, Mr. Hopkins, and Mr. Babcock. Each of these teachers have made an impact at Granger. Some can be known for their spirit bowl pick up chants and others for their cool lessons in the name of science.

In the manner of knowing what to do during their retirement, some are unsure. “I do not know what I will do during retirement.  Probably travel, play, sleep in,” Dr. Vantassel said. For 25 years, Dr.Vantassel has been teaching at Granger, and during these years he has taught science–though one year he even taught math–so simply relaxing will be a change to his usual schedule.

However, Mr. Babcock knows that family time is the one thing he wants. “I’m 65 and there are family health reasons I’m needed at home. I’ll fish and carve wood,” said Mr. Babcock. Being a teacher isn’t always all it’s cracked up to be. They stay past schools hours correcting papers or staying for parent teacher conferences.

This time at work takes away time from family members and family engagements, so to have plenty of time to spend with family is a definite want and need for teachers like Mr. Babcock.

Some of these retirees have plans, such as Mrs. Atkins. During the her first year of retirement, she’s going hiking to Havasupai Falls in Arizona. Then in July, she and her granddaughter are going on a train to San Francisco. “The rest of my retirement years I will have to figure out,” Ms. Atkins said.        

Ms. Woodward is also leaving to continue her retirement from five years ago after teaching for forty-nine years– forty-three of them at Granger. “I plan to travel, read, index, and enjoy spending time with my nieces and nephews,” Ms. Woodward said. “I retired 5 years ago and have been coming back as an hourly teacher so that we wouldn’t lose Latin at Granger.  I’m not returning next year because I would have to recertify to continue teaching. Sadly, when I leave, there will be no more Latin at Granger,” Ms. Woodward said.

Another thing that Lancers are losing are Mr. Hopkins’ La-La-La-Lancers hype at spirit bowls and assemblies.

In the manner of things that the teachers won’t miss, Ms. Atkins says it all. “I will not miss going to faculty meetings or district training.  I will not miss getting up at 5:30 am every day, I will not miss grading endless late-work and tests,” Ms. Atkins said.

In the end, despite how they are leaving students, they will definitely miss the Granger community. “I have known some spectacular individuals as students and faculty at Granger. I will miss them,” Dr.Vantassel said. Ms.Woodward will also miss Granger enormously. “Being here has been a joy.  It will be strange in August when school starts and I don’t return. Teaching at Granger has been my life, and I have loved it.  I will ALWAYS be a Lancer!” Ms.Woodward said.