Spring break means friends, family, and maybe homework

DURING this time of season, there are lots of things to start doing again. This includes being outside more because the sun will finally be out more and starting to wear different clothing. The fun and amazing Spring Break weekend for high school and college students is coming up quick.

Many students in college like to take their time to visit their families or friends, but here at Granger, students already spend most of their time with their family, so they most likely visit other parts of their family in other places. They like to travel to interesting cities, towns, or maybe even different countries.

During this weekend off, most kids spend their time flying out somewhere else. “For spring break, I’m flying out to Chicago with my son,” Gloria Elena Serrato (12) said. Chicago is a very famous city located in Illinois. In Chicago, there’s a famous park called Millennium Park, where there is a famous sculpture called the Cloud Gate.

Gloria and her son will be visiting Chicago for her cousin’s quinceanera. A quince is a celebration when a young girl is turning 15 and turning into a young lady. Most girls have their 15 during the summer, because of the weather. But since Spring Break is coming up, the weather is supposed to get better for the attire required for a party like that. Therefore, after the break there will be more parties to attend.

Spring break is a very busy week for the airlines because of all the people flying in and out of the cities. “This is going to be my son’s first time in an airplane, and he’s only 8 months old. I hope that he lasts good in the plane, he lasted a 2 hour drive when he was only a month old,” Serrato said.

While some kids are going out and traveling, some others are staying here and just relaxing. Over the weekend, they’ll probably stay home and watch television or watch something on their phone. “My plans for the weekend are pretty much just sleeping in, not doing homework , and just watching netflix in my new house,” Ariana Rojas (10) said.

Sometimes, the highlight of someone’s spring break can even be moving into a new home. Rojas was excited to move into her new home. “I’m excited to move there because it’s a bigger house and we’ll have so much more room than we had at our other house,” Rojas said.

Everyone has a different highlight for their weekend: it can be traveling, moving, or even just relaxing with family and friends. Some might even do something as simple as camping. “Me and my family went camping for the whole week, and it was nice cause me and my family are already close and it got us closer together,” Fatima Garcia (10) said.

Spring Break is really just a week that kids spend additional time off of school and homework for a little while. School can get stressful for Lancers, with everyone trying to get their grades up, this break can help students relax. “Going camping really helped with my stress, I had less stuff to worry about, and most of my teachers started being lenient with homework,” Garcia said.

Some teachers don’t like to give students homework so that they can spend their time not worrying about school. But, some still give their students homework, so that they don’t forget what they are currently learning about. “My math teacher gave me homework about triangles because he said he doesn’t want us forgetting our knowledge on them,” Rojas said.

Although some kids hang out with their family, some usually spend time outside with their friends. “My previous breaks, I take up my time by hanging out with my friends, going shopping or sometimes even eating,” Garcia said. When people go shopping, they go to popular malls here like Valley Fair Mall, Fashion Place, Gateway, South Towne, and City Creek. But there are also shopping centers such as Jordan Landing or even The Traverse Mountain outlets.

However, while people go out, most times, some students stay at home. They do things such as watching movies, eating take out, or eating snacks. For the weekend off, Lancers are planning to relax and chill out with their friends, family, and their loved ones.