Spring is a time for new ideas, activities, and trends


THERE are multiple things that are a tradition for a specific holiday that some may do such as watching the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade in New York on TV to pinching people when they’re not wearing green on Saint Patrick’s day. Here are a few things that resurface into people’s lives when spring begins.

There are multiple things to do in April. For example, there are concerts and home sports games like the Utah Jazz, they’re playing against the Los Angeles Lakers here in Utah on April 3rd. Tickets for those events usually run around $75 for a good seat. Now most Lancers don’t really have money just to spend and go to a concert or a game, and there’s no doubt that that students are on a budget and can’t really go out a lot.

Therefore, there are things for students that just don’t want to spend much money just to do something. For one, they could easily do something that would make their parents happy and that is start spring cleaning. First off, teenagers do not like cleaning, but it is something to do that doesn’t include going out and spending money.

Easter is one of the first things that pop up into mind. There is some history to Easter, but most kids are mostly looking around the area they’re in for some plastic eggs that have a little prize inside. “To be honest I haven’t looked for a plastic egg with a little fun-sized candy because it’s not worth it,” Rigoberto Contreras (10) said.

Well if looking for plastic eggs not as interesting as other activities, simply going outside and playing a sport may be a good option. Being all cooped up inside because of the snow and finally getting out without a big puffy coat should be a nice feeling. Some students are very fond of the snow in Utah and some aren’t. “I personally liked the snow since I didn’t experience it before because I lived in California,” Joelen Bailey (9) said.

All the plants are beginning to sprout and grow. April is a month that comes to mind when thinking about spring. All the sunny and rainy days are common, but Utah weather being so bipolar, it could easily snow.

Students around Granger have been noticing some of the trends being held around the school and in the media to look forward to the weather. A popular fashion trend that has been around recently are Timberland Boots. “Timberlands are waterproof, and they won’t get ruined in the rain or snow and that’s just the perfect shoe,” Contreras said.

Timberlands are very similar to rain boots, but they do look very different although they are very fashionable especially in this generation. Unfortunately, students that don’t have a job or any source of income can’t afford to spend the money on boots. Lancers don’t need waterproof shoes this spring- they’ll survive without them, as Vans are suitable for spring also.

“I’d recommend to bring a hoodie just in case because the weather might change during the day,” Bailey said. There are a few more things that are on the spring to-do list. There’s Easter, Earth Day and don’t forget April Fool’s Day. Earth Day is such a great day for the planet because students and teachers will be able to help it by planting trees and doing other things to lessen the cause of pollution in the air.

There are multiple events in on this day to support the Earth like farmers markets and pep rallies to voice one’s opinion. Spring isn’t a big season to go all out and do extraordinary things although the small information about spring is engaging. A big festival that plays a big part in spring is the Holi Festival of Colors.

This festival doesn’t take place in April in Utah but it’s a spring festival celebrating the arrival of spring and it’s a Hindu tradition to honor their deity. “It seems really fun but at the same time frustrating because of the chalk, if I had a chance I’d go,” Contreras said.

However, spring may not be the as exciting as other seasons, but it does have some trends that most people follow around this time and are still popular for the years to come.