Update breaks Snapchat

SNAPCHAT is one of the top five social media apps that Lancers use. It’s a well-known application that users can use to send a pictures and messages that will last for a minimum of twenty-four hours. The pictures and messages can be saved if the user saves it manually or screenshots it. A user can also take pictures with certain filters that could enhance that semi-perfect selfie. The user can connect with friends and develop group chats that can give one notifications regarding who in the group has read or seen their messages.

Despite the convenient features that this application has, students are feeling very disappointed with Snapchat recently. In the middle of February, snapchat was updated with new features. Some of these include: a more realistic look-alike of a user’s Bitmoji, a screen that has conversations and stories with your friends together, and another screen for advertisements, stories, and public stories.

With this new update, as any update, it is supposed to improve the application and make it more accessible. However, some Lancers feel that it became more of an inconvenience than an improvement. “The new update is kinda okay. But it isn’t really that good. The old version is better, it was an easier format. Unlike the other one it gets a little confusing,” Van Mang (12) said.

Brianna Olivera (12) feels that people becoming hot and bothered over the update is pointless. “At first, it had annoyed me the location of my friends’ stories, but I hardly watch them now,” Olivera said.

At first I was confused because I didn’t know where to go or look at certain stories. I didn’t hate it but I also didn’t like it,” Yesenia Leon (12) said. This update has seemed to affect these Lancers lives much less than the media or majority has let on.

Nevertheless, for those who are bothered, www.trustedreviews.com gives the steps to reverse the annoying update for iPhone users. Delete the current version of Snapchat, go to the phone’s settings, tap on iTunes and App Store, look for Automatic Downloads header, and switch off the Apps tab if one wants to be completely positive that another unexpected update won’t download in the future. Finally, re-download the application and it should be fixed.

However, a coupe of students have done this or something similar and have had zero results. “I saw it on Twitter and I tried it but it didn’t work,” Leon said. She saw that there was a plethora of tweets that said that the update went away, but when she tried it on multiple occasions, it wasn’t as successful for her.

On the flip side of the performance of Snapchat, other students don’t care for it. “I only use snapchat for the filters so it doesn’t matter to me,” Karina Prez (11) said. Most students who have this opinion usually use Instagram, Twitter, or Messenger instead of Snapchat.  “I don’t really care anymore. I used to care about it, but now it’s just whatever to me,” Olivera said.

With these views on the new update of Snapchat, students are hoping that if there is a new update that would actually make the app accessible and convenient for the users or simply have no other updates. “They better change it back to how they had it when it first came out,” Leon said. When it comes to giving ideas to improve on the next update Leon has an idea. “I would want them to reverse the update, and change the friends stories and celebrities on the other side,” Leon said.

It would be safe to say that after a couple of months of having this application’s update, users have either embraced it or still reject it.