The Pi Project helps keep Polynesian students on track to graduate

THE PI project is a program specifically for Polynesian seniors that are at risk for not graduating. The program has helped students to purchase packets that many are not able to get for themselves.

This program is only within the Granite Schools District boundaries and has helped several Polynesian students have the relief of knowing that they will be able to graduate on time with their class. It also keeps students updated with extra outside opportunities that’ll help them with their CPA as well.

“This program has made me more cautious with how close we are to graduation,” Anthony Seiuli (12) said. With graduation only two months away, most students are not aware of how fast time is passing by.

This is the first year the of the Pi project. “I go to the Granite schools only, and between Granger, Hunter, and Cyprus, Granger has the most students that are at risk,” Joey T, the man who runs this program said.

The Pi project was made originally to help Polynesian students get away from the stereotype of not graduating. Many Polynesia  students have parents that graduated from high school but were not able to enroll into college because their parents had just moved into the states.

It was hard for most students’ parents to go to college because their family would not be able to provide enough money for their education. This year, parents are really encouraging and expecting their children to graduate so that they can have the opportunity that most of them did not have- to go to college.

Most students find that this program is benefiting them because, it’s a program to encourage students with little hope. This program also encourages students to push harder towards their full potential. “I’ve had a lot of pressure on me because my family from out of town are already setting the date to come down for my graduation,” Michael Fuimano (12) said.

One thing Polynesians are mostly known for is having huge families. Polynesians love supporting their families, especially when they’ve made a huge accomplishment such as graduating from high school. It’s always a reunion to Polynesian families when special events such as graduations from high school occur because they are representing their last name in a good way.

Graduating from high school plays a big part in everyone’s life because it determines how bright their future will be. Graduating is the first step into real life. Getting that diploma helps you enter the next chapter and sets you up for the next step in your life. It is a big sign of accomplishment for parents knowing that their child can be independent after high school.

“My parents have always made it clear to me that I was going to graduate. I never really took anything they said seriously. Now that we’re drawing near to the deadline I see how much it not only means to me but to my family, too,” Don Nuusila (12) said.

As most people know, Polynesian families come straight from the Pacific Islands because they know that the United States have better opportunities for them and their future generations. Most Polynesian families have the same background and teachings.

It’s easy for Polynesian students to want to be in the Pi Project Program because they know and understand the teachings that have been taught in that student’s family. This program knows what most Polynesian parents expect from their children and encourages them to finish strong.

As you can see, most students that are in this program are very insecure. But this program has motivated many students, and that’s helped them to boost their confidence. “I’m going to get it done, regardless,” Seiuli said.

This program has lifted many insecure polynesian students and has helped them to look past the negativity, pushing themselves towards greatness. This program was easy for students to be drawn into and connect with because of the understanding of their family backgrounds.

The PI project has been helpful for a lot of students and is making huge progress with Granger Lancers. This program has motivated students to put in their best efforts and is continually pushing them to finish strong.