How to be prepared for an unforgettable night at prom


GOING to prom seems pretty easy: students go out and get some sort of formal wear and decide who to go with. In reality, it’s like planning a big event. Students have to plan where to meet with friends, who to go with, and so much more. A way to get to the prom is what everyone should be worrying about first because planning a dinner, an outfit, or even get a date seems ridiculous without having a ride to the prom.

Prom takes up a lot of many students’ time, and this is owed to the fact that the planning is what makes a prom experience better. When picking an outfit for the dance, make sure the outfit fits the dress code- prom is for formal wear. For girls this doesn’t mean it’s only dresses, a tux can work too. Prom-goers should be Keeping in mind that the outfit that’s been chosen will most likely only be worn once.

“Prom is really fun but tiring. Wearing heels hurt my feet so that killed the mood [last year],” Jacqueline Vazquez Rodriguez (12) said. Bringing flats instead is suggested, or many heel-wearers end up taking them off during the dance. A date is what starts all the thought of going to prom, but if no one has asked a student yet, it’s okay to consider a friend to go to the prom with. Vazquez Rodriguez recommends going with a date that can be fun to spend some time at the dance.

If a student is planning to ask someone, the proposal does not need to be a big thing that the whole school has to know about, so don’t feel pressured to make this a big action. Also, going alone could be an option, because maybe having a date is too much pressure and simply going alone is the easiest thing to do at such an overwhelming event.

Before, some female students have been waited for a boy to ask them to prom, but it’s changed since then and anyone can ask any student they’d like to go with. Transportation is pretty hard to get, especially with a large group and trying to fit that many teenagers in a car is not going to be easy. Some will consider renting a limo for the night and just enjoying time with their friends, but payment for the limo needs to be taken into consideration.

Usually, a limo carries up to 10 passengers for $130 per hour. Of course, a limo is not needed especially for a couple of teens going to prom, but if going all out on prom is necessary for any student, it’s fairly easy but just a bit more expensive.

Another way to make it a memorable night is to take pictures. Now there’s no need to take multiple selfies because a student’s hair or makeup looks better than usual, but take some time and enjoy taking quirky pictures and elegant photos at the same time with a date or friends. “People don’t need to worry about how they look, you would just go there just to have fun and make memories,” Vazquez Rodriguez said.

Prom isn’t going to be what the movies make it out to be. Planning all of this for a perfect night may seem like it’ll become a teen movie, but don’t expect too much from this one night unless the planning goes a bit overboard.

Besides that, enjoy the night and have fun dancing. Students should consider going because that’s what everyone is waiting for: going to prom and remembering a bumpy year they’ve had but enjoying the last part of the school year.

School dances and prom can be some of the biggest events that can turn up in a regular high schooler’s life and can be very nerve-racking. Dancing is what’s mainly going to happen at the prom of course, but don’t go too wild on the dance floor like it’s a nightclub because it’s still school. An adult may possibly stop wild dance moves a student puts out on the floor.

Not everyone is the greatest dancer, but maybe the most embarrassing night could be the most memorable night. Remember that prom is supposed to be a fun evening for everyone and there is no need to feel pressured or get stressed out about it,  just letting everything happen itself and letting it all fall to place will easily make it a great night to look back at.