Lancers are getting ready to dance their hearts out

SWEETHEARTS is the school dance that happens every February. The dance celebrates Valentine’s Day and encourages couples to use their creative moves on asking each other out; such as using a cute poster board or a specially-written song just to ask their significant other to the dance. This love-filled night allows couples and friends alike to celebrate their love for each other.

With the date swiftly approaching, now is the time for couples and friends to start asking each other to the dance. It can be hard for people to get their creative juices flowing, especially when it comes to asking someone out, but Lancers really know how to do it right.

Some people prefer to keep things simple when asking their loved one to dance. Many students appreciate a simple note or even just the question itself said aloud. “If I were to ask anyone, I would probably give them some kind of flower and then a handwritten note asking them to be my date,” Isabel May (11) said.

Others, though, prefer the more extravagant approach to things. This may include paintings, videos, or even covering one another’s cars entirely in Post-it notes.

“I go based on the theme of the dance. Last year was Grease and 50’s themed, so I used some lyrics from the song “The One That I Want” and turned it into a poster. I made him brownies and everything, but he didn’t understand it because he had never seen Grease,” Lanoy Phouangphrachanh (12) said.

Not everyone goes to these dances with a significant other. A large majority of students like to go to dances with friend groups. Attending a dance with friends rather than a date makes some people more free to be themselves and actually enjoy the night.

These days it is widely accepted to go to dances with friends, whereas when Granger’s teachers and faculty were in high school, it was not.

“When I was in high school going with friends was not a thing, and if you did go with a friend it still had to be boy and girl,” Ms. Czapla said.

It is becoming more and more acceptable for students to go to dances without a date. This takes away the stigma around dances that students can only attend if they have a date and opens up the world of school dances to a whole new group of people.

“I think that it is great. I wish it would have been more of a tradition when I was in school. It increases participation in dances and makes the students feel more comfortable,” Ms. Czapla said.

Most couples or friend groups will go on a date or group activity before or after the dance. They do things go bowling or go get Taco Bell while in their formal attire. Others will do things like watch a movie at someone’s house or have a sleepover with their best friends.

All in all, this year’s sweethearts dance will be one to remember for anyone who attends. Mark the calendars for Saturday, February 10, because students won’t want to miss it.