Take a winter trip to Mexico and leave chilly SLC behind

MY TRIP to Mexico was a blast. Everything there is super different from Salt Lake City. It is so cold and boring here during the winter, especially because everything closes early, there is less freedom, and there is way less culture to be shared here.

I have been going to Mexico every year since 2014. The moment I step on that flight is when I get butterflies and am full of excitement. Somehow this year was a fun and new experience because I was one of the oldest who went and did everything on my own.

The moment I land, I can smell the difference. The part I went to visit was called Navajas around Guadalajara, Jalisco which is a farmland. The farmers are always burning sugar cane which makes the air have this unique smokey sense.

Everything seems to move so fast since there is so much to do every day. One of my little cousins was having a quince, her fifteenth birthday, and I had to be the main chambelan. I just practiced right outside my house and the locals just stared and watched. Afterwards we would finish late.

The quince was amazing, it was just a great way to celebrate a family member’s birthday.

On late nights in Mexico, I would go out with my cousins go to the store to buy some drinks then head down the ranch to go to the local taco stand and eat.

Everything I ate was so authentic- what was really cool was when people would make a lot of food to sell, they’d announce around the ranch. I just had to walk around to my neighbors’ houses to get a quick bite. Nothing there had any preservatives or steroids or anything to mass produce food. Also, so many street vendors who had a bunch of different foods and deserts.

The people there are so friendly, I could walk up to any random person and have a conversation. If I were to try this in Utah,  people would not acknowledge me and do their own thing.

Around the time I went, the ranch I was staying at had their annual fiestas. It was one of the most amazing things to experience. In the morning they would have a mini parade for the beginning of the fiestas. At night is when everything started, there were tons of different foods to eat, games to play, a banda to dance, fireworks, and drinks for the adults. Everyone would be dressed so nice in their nicest boots and hat with a big belt. It was nothing but chill vibes and happiness.

What was also a lot of fun was the rodeos—like how we have big stadiums for sports, they had big stadiums for rodeos. It was crazy, as it was full of music, drunk people, and crazy bull riders. It was cool to watch and experience.

I also went to Guadalajara’s professional soccer team game and that was insane. No Real Salt Lake game would compare to that—it was something that you had to be there to experience.

There is also so much more to do that I have yet to experience. Next time I will, but for now, that sums up my recent trip to Mexico.