Lancers work hard at school and home

SOME STUDENTS of Granger High work hard in school, work jobs, and play sports. Lancers continue to stay consistent and motivated to do more and more every day.

“It’s an everyday thing for me, trying to stay consistent with school and wrestling and out of school work is difficult, but keeping motivated and focused makes me wanna keep going,” Luis Rivera (11) said. Rivera hopes to take his talents and skill to Brigham Young University and wants to take his legacy to the Olympics, as he wants to represent his country.

Training, work, and school is not only hard in itself, but coming back from training and going straight to work can easily exhaust students.

“Most of my days consist of straight work. If I’m not doing homework, I’m practicing basketball, and if I’m not doing basketball, I’m doing homework. Working with my uncles after practice is difficult because I’m tired from my sport, but I always tell myself to keep grinding and striving for a better future,” Junior Falemaka (10) said.

Staying focused can not only be hard but frustrating by blocking out the distractions and people who want to doubt and bring Lancers down.

“It’s not easy, people will tear you down and bring you to tears, but it’s about the process of going through the doubters and people who say I can’t. When I hit that track, all I am is mentally focused and physically focused—the track is like home, and it takes all the pain away and makes me just want to run all my problems off. Trying to keep a full-time job after school with your dad is very difficult, but staying focused and motivated helps me every day,” Carlos Seofrata (11) said.

Lancers have different struggles and obstacles they run into but being in a sport can take students places if they work hard enough.

“I go to school and then I train for football with my uncle, and then I go straight to work, and I come back home and take care of my siblings, it’s very hard at times just being tired and wanting to go to bed but knowing you can’t is very difficult, just being able to remember what will be given after hard work always keeps me moving,” Tee Tonga (12) said.

Granger High is very blessed with diversity, and that’s what makes Lancers different.

“I am Cambodian, and I play basketball, and just being able to bond with my teammates is definitely a blessing and it makes me work hard. I work here and after school by taking care of my family and grandparents and siblings. They are my everyday inspiration to keep pushing myself to my limits,” Vuthy Rinn (10) said.

Lancers are hard workers in the classroom and hard workers in the sports they do and as well as the after school work they do to support their families.