Music helps Lancers focus

MUSIC is popular—almost everyone listens to music. Whether it be country, jazz, pop, or any other style, there are different types being played worldwide. Listening to music helps people relax, focus, and so much more. It is a stress reliever to most, but can be distraction to some.

Roaming around most classrooms, there are at least 10 people listening to music on a device or the radio. Walking around Granger halls, 90 percent of the students are listening to music with headphones. “I am always walking to class listening to music. Walking to class with no music just feels weird,” Alex Cervantes (10) said.

Music can be background noise for some students. “It’s there when I need it to ignore the people I don’t want to conversate with, but that doesn’t mean I’m ignoring you whenever my headphones are in,” Oseola Pauni (11) said. Most think of it as just a nice way of letting others know that a conversation isn’t needed.

Students are always asking to listen to music while doing class work. Lancers say it helps them focus on the work needing to be done. There are types of music that helps students focus. Listening to violin instrumentals would not be the type of music most students want to listen to. Although it is soft, relaxing, and calm, it is sometimes considered to be boring.

Most of the time, students are playing music while they are doing chores. The majority of the time they are playing music is when they are doing homework. Music helps them focus and get things done without distractions. “Listening to music gets me going. It helps me focus on what I have to get done,” Angelica Vasquez (10) said. Listening to music that has a good beat or tune to it is better for most students than something that is just an instrumental.

Many students listen to rap or slow jams that don’t really have a purpose to it. On the other hand, cultural music always has a purpose to it. The song has a theme or purpose inside of it. Everyone loves to listen to their own culture’s music, but it’s not always being played.

Not only is music jazz or pop, it can be heard culturally. It’s something people dance to, sing to, or just listen to. “I love listening to my culture’s music. It’s slow and steady, and I could listen to it without worrying about cursing coming out,” Emyni Tupou (9) said.

“No music and a quiet environment can make me sleepy fast,” Cervantes said. Not everyone can concentrate in the same learning environment. Most people can’t focus while there is a lot of noise going on. Many people need a quiet environment to be focused.

Many students could agree that they are more focused on work when they are listening to music. Most teachers say it’s a distraction to students, though, because they worry more about the choice of music then the work in front of them, and some students agree.

“If I am listening to music I like, I would focus more on the song than the work,” Aaliyah Christian (10) said.