Granger is 50x bigger than a student’s old school


NEW STUDENTS that are going to attend Granger High School usually come from a school that is similar in some aspect. Anniece Evans (11), however, came from Cedar Ridge High, which is a much smaller school than Granger.

Each classroom at Cedar Ridge contains about fifteen students, and in the entire school there are only seven or eight teachers. Compare that amount of teachers and students to how many students and teachers Evans has seen around Granger High School, and it’s clear that Granger is very different from what she’s used to.

Granger has more than three thousand students, and according to U.S. News, Cedar Ridge has under fifteen hundred students. That’s a big difference from Granger having packed lunches and hallways, it’s a bit bizarre to imagine how school would be like walking through the halls with only about 62 students walking all over school.

Anniece had five classes, and each class was seventy five minutes. “Granger’s interesting and different, it’s a big school, and I usually get lost,” Evans said. It’s no surprise that she’d get lost, as most students that are new to any school usually don’t know their way around and how things work.

One thing that is different between Granger and Cedar Ridge is that math is an every-day class and is the only class that was required to be an every-day class. Evans doesn’t like to get involved with drama and likes to keep her friend group small, and she still keeps in touch with her friends from her old school.

Her favorite things to do in her free time are reading and watching anime. Evans can connect with many students here at Granger High School because of the amount of students that have the same interests as her. Evans really didn’t have an idea of why she had to move to West Valley City, and she is now trying to get used to her new home since she came from such a small town.

Cedar Ridge’s mascot is the Jaguars, and they have a time after school that is called ‘Jag Time,’ which is a time where students can do their work that they haven’t finished in class. “After school I usually hang out with my cousins,” Evans said. “Most students go home and go straight to media, sleep, etc.”

Evans has a different mentality than most because she likes hanging out with family, reading, and going out once in a while. When she’s not in school, Evans usually hangs out with her cousins that are all under 7 years old.

It’s good that she spends time with her family because in this generation, it really seems like teens don’t really spend much time with family but more with their friends on their phones.

Entering a new school and a new area means she doesn’t have many people that she knows, but Evans finds a way to entertain herself. It seems hard to be a new student, but judging Evans’s performance in school, it will most likely be a great year for her here at Granger High School.