Zach Eccles brings his calming personality to golf


GRANGERS golf’s leader and player answered some questions for us. For Zack Eccles (11), golf is everything he knows at high school. He had some pretty high goals for the season: he wanted to go to state, get a hole in one, and get par on all his holes. One thing he tries to do whenever he steps on the course is to get his score lower and lower each time to help his team.

The things that helps him be his best are staying calm, not getting frustrated, and taking a hole to cool off. Like many, coach Crowther is proud of all his accomplishments. “Zack is the leader on the team, he is always encouraging people to do better,” coach Crowther said. When asked what his biggest accomplishment in the sport was, he said it was hitting 3 birdies this season.

He started as a freshman because his brother motivated him to join and meet new people. He then fell in love with the sport due to the fact that, “It doesn’t matter how good you are, anyone can play.” His goal for the next season is to hit par on his holes.

“Zack is always the first person to step up and is always ready and excited,” Sean Jordan (11), fellow golfer and teammate, said. He is the most motivated when his teammates start to do better because it motivates him to be better.

He looks up to his coach the most, because his coach is always pushing players to be better and encourages them no matter if they win or lose. He is happy to play golf next year, but hopes to play football as well. His brother has motivated him to play the sport from his freshman year up till now, his third year playing golf.

The thing he enjoys the most about playing golf is meeting all the new people and coaches they play against. “You’re at the golf course for up to five hours, which is a lot of time to get to know people and make new friends,” Eccles said.  “He is always fun to be around and always brings everything he has to the team, and loves to help everyone to make them better players,” Caden Olsen (10) said.

He feels that golf has made him a calmer person while also keeping him healthy. “It is no easy task staying healthy and fit especially when playing a high school sport it takes a lot of dedication and will test you every day,” Eccles said.

The person who always encourages him is his teammate and best friend, Travis Folton (11). Folton always motivates him to be better and try his hardest so win or fail, he can say he gave it his all.

He’s always trying to instill courage and calmness in his teammates when they are losing or if they are having a hard time. He holds the team together under pressure and calms everyone down.