Granger music producer works on his career as a musician


IT’S NO secret that Granger High School is home to many talented students. From dancing, playing an instrument, participating in fine arts, and much more, Granger Lancers are passionate about many different things. One Lancer in particular, Arath Gonzalez (12), has a great love for music.

Gonzalez is an independent songwriter, rapper/singer, and music producer. He writes his own lyrics and performs his own songs. He also produces his own original beats to go along with his work. He has produced songs for himself as well as other local artists. He aspires to pursue a career in music production.

“I want to go more into music productions, like I can produce music for video games, movies, TV shows, anything that involves music. I’m really into it, music does mean a lot to me. I’m always just producing, producing, producing, in my free time. I plan to go to college for it and get a major in music production,” Gonzalez said.

Unlike some who may want to pursue a career in music for the lifestyle and fame that it could bring, Gonzalez has different motives. His goal is to write music about his own personal experiences and create songs that others can relate to.

“I feel like I’m different because I’m more caring and I’m not worried about the income or the fame or whatever it is. My inspiration is to let individuals know that they’re not alone and if I can do it they can do it as well. I try to reach out to other people that might need help. I try to make friends almost everywhere and just be like listen to my song because, you know, you’re not alone. People go through stuff and I give advice from my experience and my point of view,” Gonzalez said.

While Gonzalez remains passionate about what he does, he will admit that it does come with challenges. “You have to work hard for what you want to do. The hardest part for me, I believe, is that people don’t recognize my message or the point I’m trying to get through. And you know, that’s what sucks because I’m working hard and people don’t recognize it,” Gonzalez said.

Despite the obstacles he faces, he continues to remain positive and determined to succeed. “I don’t believe in backup plans. Plan B just proves that plan A is not something you believe in. It’s okay, I feel like at one point people will notice. I think my next upcoming stuff people will notice because it’s really good,” Gonzalez said.

Luckily, his work does not go completely unnoticed. “I’ve listened to Arath’s music,” Alejandro Monreal (12) said. “I’ve listened to the new album he’s released, 030300. I like it, it was good. There’s a song he sang with Andrew and that was my favorite. There was meaning to it, I forgot the name though,” Monreal said.

Monreal also describes how his work is different from other artists. “What’s different is that others are rapping about drugs, and just drugs, and he is just rapping about whatever is on his mind,” Monreal said.

Another Lancer, Mallory Sullivan (12), has also listened to Gonzalez’s music. “I like his beats a lot. It describes him, it tells his story. He’s very passionate about it,” Sullivan said.

Sullivan also agrees that his music differs from others. “He doesn’t write about basic things. He writes about life. His music describes him and it’s fun to listen to. He has potential,” Sullivan said.

Gonzalez’s music can be found on Spotify by searching his name “Arath Gonzalez” or by looking up his most recent album, 030300. He also advertises some of his music on his Facebook profile, “Arath Gonzalez.”