DACA: It affects thousands of people nationwide including Lancers

There are other requirements that the person applying has to ful ll, like living in the United States before June 15, 2012. Then, they have to provide proof of some type of studying like a GED or high school diploma. They can be currently studying as well.

opportunity for those who want it,” Christian Moreno (10) said.

However, there’s been talk about Trump taking it away or trying to end it. Since this is a successful program that’s helped thousands of people, many teach- ers are worried about Lancers and friends of Lancers.

“The perception of lives changing will affect not only the students here, but the United States is built on immigrants. I can’t even begin to explain how many families will be affected,” Ms. Warren said.

Other teachers agree. “People will be affected. I have students who have applied, who are work- ing, and even are going to school or college. So many opportunities have been given because of this program. So this puts them in danger. Many of them have older siblings who are involved in this program. It could end terribly,” Ms. Heidinger said.

Lancers are starting to stand up more for each other.

“The people who are here de- serve to be here. If we try sending them back to the countries from which they arrived as children, they wouldn’t be able to fully support themselves like they can here,” Andrew Lopez (10) said.

Others agree with him. “If DACA is helping people, Trump shouldn’t stop it. If he completely gets rid of the program, people are going to be furious. We should just keep things how they are,”

Luciano Sanchez (10) said. Some feel like there’s some- thing that could be done to try to protect the recipients. “Both sides need to speak. We need the youth to go to college, especially the immigrants, so they can change the broken ways in the law,” Ms. Warren said.
Ms. Heidinger agrees with her. “These people are some of our huge contributors — our best peo- ple. This con ict is very interest- ing. We’ve got to overcome fear and focus on what we have right now so that the fear goes away,” she said.

A majority of Lancers are hop- ing that this program continues, but it does raise fear and concern when hearing that it may end.

DACA STANDS for Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals. In other words, it’s relief from deportation. It protects eligible
immigrant youth who came to the United States when they were children of deportation, accord
ing to the Undocumented Student
Program at Berkeley University. One huge thing that the person

Not only does it give youth protection from deportation, it gives them work permits as stated on Berkeley’s website. However, it expires after two years.

There are certain requirements for DACA, whoever applies has to be under 31 years old before June 15, 2012. They also have to have lived in the United States since before their 16th birthday.

applying can’t have is a felony or misdemeanor conviction.

This program has helped nearly 790,000 unauthorized im- migrants, according to the Pew Research Center. Some fellow Lancers have been helped by this program or know people who have bene tted from it.

“My brother is in it and it helped him get a job. It’s a great