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New Death Note movie disappoints


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THE NEW Death Note movie based on the anime that pre- miered on Net ix this year was an utter disappointment to many of us weebs. How? Start off with the actors. Nat Wolff was chosen for the main role of Light “Turn- er” which was a decent choice, but there were better actors suited for the task. Lakeith Stan eld was chosen for the role of L which wasn’t a good choice.

Lakeith was not a good choice, since we know L from the origi- nal anime to be your scrawny but agile guy who is extremely anti- social and awkward. However in the movie we see L being a bit more built and not as weird or an- tisocial. They didn’t even add in his bad habit of squatting on his chair which is the main thing we see L for. If you are going to play char- acter that has already existed, you might as well nd someone who fits the image or that at least acts out that character’s habits.

Now, the one character that I am pretty sure we all nd decent was Ryuk. Ryuk was played by two actors, his voice was played by Willem Dafoe which did a fairly well job and the actor in the suit was Jason Liles.

In all honesty those are the only characters that I really fo- cused on when watching the movie. I mean, I was focusing on Amisa Amane but I did not notice until a little over to the end of the movie that they changed her name to Mia Sutton. Why would they even do that? Has the direc- tor ever seen the freaking anime at all or at least read the stinking manga to at least know how it should go?

Oh yeah, the director of this sorry excuse for a movie was Adam Wingard. Yeah Wingard as in Wingardium Leviosa from the Harry Potter movie. They should

have just made him direct Harry Potter instead with a last name like that.

The thing that really annoys me the most is that two of his producers have actually read and were actors in a few past anime. So my question is why the heck did they not say anything or try to make Mr. Wingardium Leviosa redo that piece of garbage.

I mean, anyone who has even seen at least one episode of Death Note knows what was done wrong and how the opening was supposed to go at least. I believe all future directors of live action movies should either watch the anime or at least have employees that have seen it so that they can make the movie more accurate.

There must be a way to avoid making such terrible live actions like Dragonball Evolution, Speed Racer, Ghost in the Shell, and now Death Note. That is all I have about this movie rant.

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New Death Note movie disappoints