Julia Taula takes on leadership role as team captain

HE VOLLEYBALL team is do- ing a fantastic job this year. The girls started their season strong with a record of three wins and zero losses. The volleyball team has improved signi cantly from their past seasons to now. The girls are very excited to have the wins they have earned.

After winning the rst set of games, the volleyball team feels more motivated and con dent to achieve the goals they have set for themselves..

Everything the volleyball team has done from the start to get to where they are now has been very successful so far. “There is no

victory without sacri ce, that is the motto we follow to succeed,” Julia Taula (11) said. This sport is very important to the girls on the team. The captain should set a good example. A person who will push you to do better, someone who will help you. Taula is the captain of the Granger volleyball team. The girls love her as a their leader, they see her as a role model. The team looks up to her. “I see myself as a good leader. I love to help others.

Everyone on the team has a purpose, we are not a team of individuals.” Volleyball is one of the many things Taula enjoys. During her free time she likes to spend time with her family. She also enjoys playing music instruments, sing- ing, and baking.

“My team has passion, works together, and strives to do their best no matter what,” Taula said. “I started play- ing at a young age. I played club for ve years.” Now that she is a Lancer playing for Grang- er, Taula is proud. “I love playing for this team,” she said. “I consider my fel- low teammates as family, like my own sisters,” she said.

Behind all the hard work that the team puts into the sport, they also love the wonderful coaches. The coaches are doing a great job mentoring the girls to become the championship team they strive to be. “I listen to the advice my coach gives me and it helps me,” Taula said.

The team still has some im- provement to work on. “The team needs a stronger mindset” Julia Taula said. Even though the vol- leyball team started their season strong the girls plan on ending it even stronger.

Throughout the season the team will make mistakes but also learn from them. “Making mis- takes is OK, because we will help each other get through it” she said.