Jessica Arellano helps earn a spot at playoffs

GIRLS soccer season is on right nowtheycouldn’tbedoingmore excellent work than ever.

“My name is Jessica and soc- cer is one of my favorite sports of all time, I enjoy it a lot,” There are a lot of Lancers that have pas- sion for this sport. They all have respect and consider each other as one family. “Getting involved with a sport in school helps out a lot,” Jessica Arellano (10) said.

Every Lancer should have a favorite activity. “What I like is that we have a lot of fun, and we like to push each other forward to get better,” Arellano said.

Granger has been improving a lot this year, girls soccer have been winning some of the games but they’re still improving a lot but they would like to is inspire more girls to try out. Lancers have a feeling that they are going to do a really great job this year, but hope they can make it to theplayoffs.

Arellano’s cousin agrees. “I think my cousin Jessica is doing a really good job, but she still has a lot of more practice to work on. My advice to her is push herself forward to improve and become a better player. I personally love this sport too, but what I like to do is practice every single day to learn something new and get bet- ter at it.”

Athletes are under a lot of pressure, so it’s important that they have support at home.

“My family inspires me a lot, they give me all the motivation I need and I love it because it makes me feel really good when- ever I’m in the eld. Getting sup- port is the best thing, it makes you think positive and not nega- tive. Don’t know why, but getting the support from the people you mostly care about is an amazing feeling—makes you wanna try harder and be the best,” Cassan-

dra Dominguez (11) said. Soccer has a lot of rules like any other sport. Once season is on at school, players are not allowed to play soccer out of school for their safety, just incase if they get injured.

“One of the reason why I tried out was because Mr. Eden encouraged me to, so I did and I’m really glad I tried out and made it on the team,” Arellano said. Sometime Lancers need support or encouragement to try out things such as activities and sports. Being involved in school helps out a lot and makes school so much more fun. “I love learn- ing new tricks as much as I love learning new things at school,” she said.

Arellano’s teammates become friends as the season progresses, and it’s the same for all sports and clubs at Granger. The com- mon goals and hours of practice create powerful friendships.