Football is Will Lokotui’s base for leadership


WILL LOKOTUI (12) is Grang- er Football’s starting right guard (RG) and nose tackle (NT), but he’s more than just a football player. He has other hobbies like hanging out with his friends and family to playing rugby for the West Valley City Warriors. “I like to play rugby, I’m the start- ing hook for the West Valley City Warriors. It’s a team mixed with Hunter, Granger, and Kearns,” Lokotui said.

Lokutui’s football and rug- by teammate Elin Mortensen (12) compared his rugby perfor- mance and football performance. “De nitely, he brings same in- tensity as he does in football, he doesn’t stop, he will get the ball and run two or three guys over,” Mortensen said.

Family can be the thing that pushes you to be better every day, whether it’s in sports or just in life. One of Lokotui’s moti- vation is his mother “The thing that motivates me to be better is from how hard my mom works, and I want her to have a better lifestyle,” Lokotui said. Every- body has someone they look up

to whether it’s family, coaches, or teammates.

One of the role models that Lokotui looks up to is his head Coach Mike Morgan. “Somebody I look up to is coach Morgan, for all the hard work and efforts he puts in. I think it’s cool that he gives 100% effort, but I think it’s more amazing how he gives 100% effort every single day,” Lokotui said.

Running back (RB) Ammon Tavai (10) and starting center Hector Magallanes (12) both have strong impressions of Loko- tui’s personality.

“He’s always smiling, always trying to make your day. He’s a really funny person,” Tavai said.

“He’s a fun person, humble, and he knows when to be seri- ous,” Magallanes said.

Being a leader is a great qual- ity to have for an athlete, and Lokotui’s leadership impacts the team on and off the eld.

“He’s always trying to be the leader he can be on and off the eld, and he always does the right thing,” Magallanes said.

“On the eld he’s physical and plays mean, off the eld, he’s like a teddy bear, he’s soft,” Tavai said.

“The way he acts and plays he just leads by example. He may not be the biggest or strongest, but he shows leadership with his actions. He’s one of the people I consider a brother, you can go to him for help and advice,” Mortensen said.

At the beginning of the 2016 season in the 55-12 blowout win over Copper Hills, Lokotui broke his right foot during the game. Despite breaking his foot dur- ing the game, he showed tough- ness and grit by nishing out the game. For Lokotui, it was an eye- opening experience. “My turning point was when last year, I was injured, and it made me be more grateful, and it inspired me to play every down as if it was my last,” he said.

It’s a new year and new begin- ning for Lokotui and the Granger Football team. As they try to carry the momentum from the 6-4 season from the 2016 season, the standards are high for Lokotui in the 2017 season. “One of my goals this season is to be region champions and reach the state championship,” Lokotui said.