Having a full-time job affects school work


THERE are many students here at Granger High School have de- cided to take on the challenge of joining the workforce while also in school. Everyone knows that high school is a major stressor in teens lives, but what about the lancers who add to that stress? How does it affect their school life? How do they handle hav- ing a job and going to school full time?

“I worked at a Freddy’s in Draper Utah for about four months while going to school as well, I found that it did seem to affect my grades and school life quite a bit. I sometimes wouldn’t get home until two A.M. and then have to get up at ve the next morning. Sometimes I even missed school due to work,” Hai- ley Piper (12) said.

“It started out as a way to gain experience, but then it quickly turned into me needing a job due to home life. Don’t get me wrong, I worked with amazing

people and had a lot of fun, but after awhile it became way more stressful rather than fun,” Piper added.

While it may seem like a good idea to have a job in high school, a lot of the time it just creates more stress for the students, but sometimes it can actually be a re- ally great opportunity.

Why do students at granger have jobs? Is it because they want the experience?

Or is it possibly because they are the income source for their household? Having a job will af- fect your school life. Maybe it’s just to get out of the house? No matter the reason, having a job will affect your school life.

“I work at Fear Factory for about eighteen hours a week. I feel like my job has had both a positive and negative impact on my life. It has helped me create a better social life for myself, but it also has cut down in my sleep and homework time,” Solitude Mof- tt (10) said.

Mof tt also gave a word of ad- vice to anyone else who is think- ing about balancing a job and school. “If you feel like you can handle a job, try it out,” Mof tt continued. Sometimes kids never know what they can handle until they try it out for themselves.

Why do students at Granger have jobs? Is it because they want the experience? The money? Or is it possibly because they are the in- come source for their household? Maybe it’s just to get out of the house, but no matter what, having a job will affect school life.

Having a job in high school is always going to be hard, but for some kids it’s worth it, but they also have to know when they have bitten off more than they can chew.

The mix of a job and high school is not for everyone, but it’s worth a try. Just remember that above all, school comes rst. At the end of the day, education determines the future careers of Granger’s students.