Fresh Market reorganizes checkout experience

FRESH Market began a new pol- icy that affects Granger students. They now have to go up one-by- one to purchase their items at the self-checkout. It started on Au- gust 23, and since then, a majority of the people feel like this policy has made it easier for not just the workers and students but the out- side shoppers as well.

“I believe that our new policy has not just made it easier for us, but for students and regular shop- pers, too,” Jammie, a Fresh Mar- ket head manager, said.

“I like the new policy because I feel like it’s more organized. Before, I’d always get pushed

around or shoved,” Marti Sur- veyor (10) said.

Students believe that because they now have to go up one-by- one to the cashier, not only has it made it easier for them to pur- chase their items but they could do it without having to worry about peers hurting them.

Jammie, Fresh Market’s head manager, and her staff had been thinking about doing this poli- cy since the end of the 2016-17 school year.

“Our main goal was to make it more ef cient for everyone, easi- er for people to come in and out, and to hopefully reduce theft,” she said. Although they still have

problems with theft, they were able to achieve their goals for the most part.

While many enjoy the new policy, there are some people who disagree with the new poli- cy. Some thought that it has made things slower,

“There are more people wait- ing now, and lines are ridicu- lously long. By the time I buy my stuff, lunch is already over,” Diego Sunbear (10) said. He also believes the reason they take so long to buy their items is because the worker takes too long to react. “The machines are always going to be annoying and make us wait for assistance,” Sunbear said.