Passing minutes cut into Monday’s late start



OVER THE past two months, the new Monday bell schedule has made an impact on the school. Students and administrators have different opinions on the new schedule. “It doesn’t bother me because I’m a morning person, but of course it bothers other stu- dents,” Jose Perez (10) said.

Many other students feel dif- ferently. They feel like they have certainly been affected. “I have been late to my rst period a cou- ple of times since the school has started the new schedule,” Suiry Gregorio Garcia (10) said. Many others do have the same opinion.

Others said that the change has been really helpful when getting to class. They think that the one extra minute has helped them get to class on time. “I have had no tardies since the new change be- cause the one extra minute has been very helpful, since I leave campus for lunch time,” Fernan- da Gutierrez (10) said.

One of the teachers agrees. “I like the idea of it, and I think they have come up with a good solution for the students,” Ms. Clark said.

But, there’s at least one teacher who still thinks there’s room for improvement when it comes to bell schedules. “I think that they should’ve made the bell schedule at 8:30 every day so students can sleep in and still get enough time for school,” Mr. Sanada said.

Although there still have been plenty of tardies, many still think that it’s good to have the one ex- tra minute to get to class because there are so many people in the halls.

But for seniors, it’s a very dif- ferent opinion. “ No, I don’t like the idea of it, because it gives us less time to get ready and get to school on time,” Jonathan Man- riquez (12) said.

Allen Carrillo (12) doesn’t think that the schedule will change back. “The school board only makes these decisions when the SBOs get many complaints and go to the administration about it, which I doubt they will do,” Carrillo said.

He also stated that he wasn’t bothered by the new schedule, but some of his friends were bothered on why they changed it. Dr. Dunn explained why they did. “We sug- gested it for the best bene t and interest for our student’s educa- tion,” he said.

Dr. Dunn said that they were to look over data in the tardies and absences and decide what to do after that. Although many stu- dents think they have been more tardy, both teachers and adminis- trators think there has been fewer of them.

Numerous people think that other students have been mak- ing too big of a deal about this change. In fact, a student said, “I think they keep making a big deal about it, but it’s still not going to change, because it has helped many students get to class on time,” Amairany Maldonado (10) said.