Advice for upcoming graduating class


AS SENIOR year comes to an end for the class of 2017, and as they prepare for graduation and beginning life as an adult in the real world, brand new freshman will be attending Granger High. Seniors and also some teachers have some tips and some advice for the the new freshman next year. Mr. Chandler a History teacher and a Basketball coach, has some tips for them, “Get involved in school some way, like join a sports team, club, or something.” Chandler said.

Another tip for the new freshman is keeping up with school work, “Don’t fall behind in school because the only way you can really make money is by having a college degree.” Chandler said. Apart from telling them the usual stay in school stuff which is always a good thing to say, there is much more to with school than they may think. It doesn’t just take staying in school, make sure to be ready for much more.

“My advice is to go out and do stuff in school like get involved and go to games and stuff, it may seem dumb, but trust me you won’t regret it,”  Tyler Wagstaff (12) Some of the new freshman that come to Granger will think that school is dumb or not worth it. School is totally worth it, it may be boring at first, but go out and try some stuff who knows it may be enjoyable..

Some students are giving classroom advice and how to not become lazy or bored with school and how not to slack off and give up so fast, “As a freshman you should do anything and everything throughout high school, you should always keep up with your school work and make sure you are doing the best you can so you can graduate, also try to go to games and plays, and anything school related because if you don’t you’ll regret it, trust me,” Eric Zurita  (12)

Getting the most out of high school years is probably one of the best things to do, going to games, assemblies, plays, joining school activities, or simply just taking certain classes. Who knows some classes may be enjoyable to take, “They should look at school as the most important years of your life because this is the last time you will be in school unless you decide to go to college, but other than that you should do good in school for the first three years, so that way you can have like home release and not have to come to most of you classes.

Having less classes during your senior year is probably the best thing ever because you get to sleep in and not have to worry so much about having a full schedule,” Martin Gomez (12) Other sources including a website talking about what seniors wish they would’ve known as freshmen say things like, “don’t allow your friends to define who you are. Break away from them if they don’t accept you!” As stated in the website.

Other great advice mentioned on the is to make sure popularity is not your priority and to make sure you keep up on your school work because if you don’t it’ll be really hard to make up what you didn’t do in the past. Overall beginning high school is not a meant to be scary, you may struggle a bit, but always believe you can do it and you’re already halfway there.

Before you know it, you’ll be a senior.  On your way to senior ball, and senior activities. Also on your way to walk the stage at graduation. Not many students make it that far, but have the motivation of the class before to do greater things.